What It's Like to Go to War

What It's Like to Go to War

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Written By: Karl Marlantes       
Narrated By: Bronson Pinchot
Date: 29 August 2011
Duration: 08:50:00

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History Military

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From the author of the bestselling and award-winning Matterhorn comes a brilliant nonfiction book about war and the psychological and spiritual toll it takes on those who fight.

I wrote this book primarily to come to terms with my own experience of combat. So far—reading, writing, thinking—that has taken over thirty years.

In 1969, at the age of twenty-three, Karl Marlantes was dropped into the highland jungle of Vietnam, an inexperienced lieutenant in command of a platoon of forty marines who would live or die by his decisions. Marlantes survived, but like many of his brothers in arms, he has spent the last forty years dealing with his war experience. In his first work of nonfiction, Marlantes takes a deeply personal and candid look at what it is like to experience the ordeal of combat, critically examining how we might better prepare our soldiers for war.

Just as Matterhorn is already acclaimed a classic of war literature, What It Is Like to Go to War is set to become required reading for anyone—soldier or civilian—interested in this visceral and all-too-essential part of the human experience.

| Author

Karl Marlantes

Karl Marlantes (born December 24, 1944) is an American author, businessman, and decorated U.S. Marine Corps veteran. He has written two books: Matterhorn and What It Is Like to Go to War.

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