Hen of the Woods & Other Wild Foods and Medicines: A Guided Tour Including Folklore

Hen of the Woods & Other Wild Foods and Medicines: A Guided Tour Including Folklore

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Written By: Steven Brill       
Narrated By: Steven Brill, Susan Boyce
Date: 15 April 2013
Duration: 02:38:00

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Life Science & Environment Biology & Chemistry Lectures Ecology

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A living legend, Wildman Steve Brill leads us on a lively and entertaining tour through the Northeastern United States as he shares tips on foraging in densely populated areas like New York's Central Park and rural areas throughout New England. We follow the seasons: wild ramps in the spring, the first mushrooms of summer, and in autumn, wild edible berries in Central Park-more than you'll find at your local supermarket!-plus roots and nuts you can keep all winter long.

Steve provides the historical background of these plants and their various uses by American Indians and early settlers, plus their current medicinal and culinary uses today. The Wildman will teach the home cook at any level how to use these foraged foods in everyday meals, whether sprinkled on a salad or baked into a delicious dessert. And perhaps most importantly, you'll never pay $7.99 for cherries again once you learn to locate them in the wild to pick yourself. Steve Brill has lead thousands of tours and offers tips on how to include the entire family on a foraging tour of your own so you can teach your children about conservation and the environs around them.

For anyone who has a curiosity about the outdoors or a fondness for food, this original audio makes an ideal companion.

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Steven Brill

Steven Brill may refer to:

Steven Brill (journalist), founder of American Lawyer magazine, Court TV, Contentville, and Brill's Content

Steven Brill (director), actor, director and screenwriter of films such as The Mighty Ducks

Steve Brill, naturalist

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