Short Stories: The Vintage Collection

Short Stories: The Vintage Collection

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Written By: Various authors       
Narrated By: Various Narrators
Date: 28 October 2009
Duration: 07:43:00

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Literature Short Stories

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The fifth volume in CSA Word's massively popular complete and unabridged 'Short Stories' collection is bound to please. With something for everyone this collection of classic stories read by only the best-suited and most established readers will delight the ears as a vintage wine excites the gullet; The Vintage Collection is audible gold.

Full story listing:

'The Old Couple' - Alphonse Daudet, read by Stephen Fry 13.49
'Pat Hobby Does His Bit' - F. Scott Fitzgerald, read by Kerry Shale 14.46
'A Tale of Negative Gravity' - Frank R. Stockton, read by Nicky Henson 41.50
'The Kiss' - Kate Chopin, read by Rupert Degas 06.54
'A Double Tragedy' - Louisa May Alcott, read by Derek Jacobi 53.48
'The Boar Pig' - Saki, read by Barbara Leigh-Hunt 12.06
'Sredni Vashtar' - Saki, read by Robin Bailey 11.15
'The Werewolf' - Frederick Marryat, read by Robin Bailey 48.23
'At the Article of Death' - John Buchan, read by Iain Cuthbertson 16.28
'The Toys of Peace' - Saki, read by Rupert Degas 12.25
'The Son's Veto' - Thomas Hardy, read by Joanna David 38.24
'The Wrong Black Bag' - Angelo Lewis, read by Rupert Degas 25.45
'The Foolhardy Mouse and the Cautious Cat, - James Thurber, read by Liza Goddard 03.15
'The Cat and the Lifeboat' - James Thurber, read by Richard Griffiths 04.51
,The Owl and the Pussycat' - Edward Lear, read by Liza Goddard 01.22
'A Terribly Strange Bed' - Wilkie Collins, read by Robin Bailey 39.10
'Providence and the Butler' - P. G.Wodehouse, read by Martin Jarvis 19.50
'The Box Tunnel' - Charles Reade, read by Rupert Degas 17.33
'On Eating and Drinking' - Jerome K. Jerome, read by Hugh Laurie 13.39
'To Catch a Thief' - E. W. Hornung, read by Rupert Degas 50.28
'The Locket' - Kate Chopin, read by Rupert Degas 14.33

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Various authors

The expression "various authors," abbreviated with the acronym Vv.Aa., is rarely used in English except by non-native speakers, who look for an exact equivalent to similar terms (usually abbreviated Aa.Vv.) in Italian, Spanish, and some other languages. In English it is much more common to describe the authors of such a compilation collectively, for example by saying for what occasion the texts were written or by naming one writer, for example the first one in the alphabet, and then adding et al. The expansion of the acronym is the Latin expression auctores varii.

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An author is the originator of any written work such as a book or play, and is thus also a writer. More broadly defined, an author is "the person who originated or gave existence to anything" and whose authorship determines responsibility for what was created.

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