Boston Blackie

Boston Blackie

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Written By: Jack Boyle       
Narrated By: Winston Tharp
Date: 31 December 2010
Duration: 07:37:00

| Genres

Mystery & Thriller Suspense

| Summary

Boston Blackie is the novelization of a group of pulp short stories by Jack Boyle (1881-1928). Blackie, an ex-con with a college education, is a jewel thief based in San Francisco, who outwits the cops with the help of his wife Mary. The character was altered for a later series of popular films and radio shows to become a “reformed” jewel thief turned private eye. (Summary by Winston Tharp)

| Author

Jack Boyle

John Anthony Boyle (March 22, 1866 – January 7, 1913), nicknamed "Honest Jack", was an American catcher and first baseman in Major League Baseball. His younger brother, Eddie Boyle, played in 1896.

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