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  • High Heat: A Jack Reacher Novella

    High Heat: A Jack Reacher Novella

    Genre: Fiction,Thriller,Action & Adventure
    Author: Lee Child
    Duration: 02:27:00

    NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER Thriller master Lee Child returns with an exclusive eBook novella. In the midst of a savage heat wave and an infamous murder spree, a blackout awakens the dark side of the city that never sleeps—and a young Jack Reacher takes action as only he can. Don’t miss the ... [ more ]

  • Thief of Shadows

    Thief of Shadows

    Genre: Fiction,Action & Adventure
    Author: Elizabeth Hoyt
    Duration: 11:04:00

    A MASKED MAN . . . Winter Makepeace lives a double life. By day he's the stoic headmaster of a home for foundling children. But the night brings out a darker side of Winter. As the moon rises, so does the Ghost of St. Giles-protector, judge, fugitive. When the Ghost, beaten and wounded, is rescue ... [ more ]

  • Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar

    Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar

    Genre: Fiction,Action & Adventure
    Author: Edgar Rice Burroughs
    Duration: 06:50:00

    Tarzan finds himself bereft of his fortune and resolves to return to the jewel-room of Opar, leaving Jane to face unexpected danger at home. ... [ more ]

  • Expected One

    Expected One

    Genre: Romance,Fiction,Action & Adventure,General
    Author: Kathleen McGowan
    Duration: 17:38:00

    When journalist Maureen Paschal begins the research for a new book, she has no idea that she is stepping into an ancient mystery so secret, so revolutionary, that thousands of people have killed and died for it. Two thousand years ago, Mary Magdalene hid a set of scrolls in the French Pyrenees ... [ more ]

  • Artemis Fowl 2: The Arctic Incident

    Artemis Fowl 2: The Arctic Incident

    Genre: Juvenile & Children's,Fiction,Juvenile,Fiction,Action & Adventure,Juvenile Fiction,Children's,SciFi & Fantasy,Ages 9 to 12
    Author: Eoin Colfer
    Duration: 06:12:00

    Artemis is at boarding school in Ireland when he receives an urgent e-mail from Russia. In it is a plea from a man who has been kidnapped by the Russian Mafia: his father. As Artemis rushes to his rescue, he is stopped by a familiar nemesis, Captain Holly Short of the LEPrecon fairy police. But this ... [ more ]

  • Secret Honor

    Secret Honor

    Genre: Fiction,Action & Adventure
    Author: W.E.B. Griffin
    Duration: 19:11:00

    A crackling new novel in the bestselling Honor Bound series, by the master of the military thriller. As with his three enormously popular series--Brotherhood of War, The Corps, and Badge of Honor--Honor Bound and Blood and Honor, W. E. B. Griffin's novels of World War II espionage in Germany an ... [ more ]

  • Promise of Blood

    Promise of Blood

    Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy,Fantasy,Fiction,Other Series,Action & Adventure
    Author: Brian McClellan
    Duration: 19:05:00

    The Age of Kings is dead . . . and I have killed it. It's a bloody business overthrowing a king... Field Marshal Tamas' coup against his king sent corrupt aristocrats to the guillotine and brought bread to the starving. But it also provoked war with the Nine Nations, internal attacks by royalist ... [ more ]

  • Zoo


    Genre: Fiction,Action & Adventure,Fiction,Action & Adventure
    Author: Michael Ledwidge, James Petterson
    Duration: 08:08:00

    Once in a lifetime, a writer puts it all together. This is James Patterson's best work ever. Total For 36 years, James Patterson has written unputdownable, pulse-racing novels. Now, he has written a book that surpasses all of them. ZOO is the thriller he was born to write. World All over the wo ... [ more ]

  • Fahrenheit 451

    Fahrenheit 451

    Genre: Fiction,Mystery & Thriller,Suspense,Literature,Suspense,Novels,Action & Adventure,General
    Author: Ray Bradbury
    Duration: 05:39:00

    The system was simple. Everyone understood it. Books were for burning, along with the houses in which they were hidden. Guy Montag was a fireman whose job it was to start fires. And he enjoyed his job. He had been a fireman for ten years, and he had never questioned the pleasure of the midnight ... [ more ]

  • Long Lost

    Long Lost

    Genre: Fiction,Suspense,Thriller,Action & Adventure
    Author: Harlan Coben
    Duration: 08:33:00

    Myron Bolitar hasn't heard from Terese Collins since their torrid affair ended ten years ago, so her desperate phone call from Paris catches him completely off guard. In a shattering admission, Terese reveals the tragic story behind her disappearance - her struggles to get pregnant, the greatest mom ... [ more ]

  • First Strike: A Thriller

    First Strike: A Thriller

    Genre: Fiction,Action & Adventure
    Author: Ben Coes
    Duration: 14:08:49

    Deep within the Pentagon, a covert, multi-billion arms-for-influence program was created. The objective was to protect the United States and its allies from terrorist acts by secretly enabling a hand-picked man to emerge as the most powerful leader in the Middle East. But the charismatic Tristan Naz ... [ more ]

  • Atlantis Rising

    Atlantis Rising

    Genre: Romance,Fiction,Relationships,Action & Adventure,General,Chick Lit
    Author: Alyssa Day
    Duration: 09:36:00

    In the USA Today bestselling first book in Alyssa Day's Warriors of Poseidon series, High Prince Conlan and Riley Dawson meet, and Atlantis will never be the same. ... [ more ]

  • Atlas Shrugged

    Atlas Shrugged

    Genre: Fiction,Action & Adventure,General
    Author: Ayn Rand
    Duration: 55:30:00

    In a scrap heap within an abandoned factory, the greatest invention in history lies dormant and unused. By what fatal error of judgment has its value gone unrecognized, its brilliant inventor punished rather than rewarded for his efforts? In defense of those greatest of human qualities that hav ... [ more ]

  • Paris Match

    Paris Match

    Genre: Fiction,Action & Adventure
    Author: Stuart Woods
    Duration: 07:28:00

    Stone Barrington is back and better than ever in the astonishing new thriller from New York Times bestseller Stuart Woods. Stone Barrington has returned to Paris to attend to some business concerns, and finds himself embroiled in high-stakes trouble on both sides of the pond. An old enemy is st ... [ more ]

  • Halo: Contact Harvest

    Halo: Contact Harvest

    Genre: Fiction,Action & Adventure,Fiction,Action & Adventure
    Author: Joseph Staten
    Duration: 11:55:00

    This is how it began... It is the year 2524. Harvest is a peaceful, prosperous farming colony on the very edge of human-controlled space. But we have trespassed on holy ground--strayed into the path of an aggressive alien empire known as the Covenant. What begins as a chance encounter between a ... [ more ]

  • Witch Wraith: The Dark Legacy of Shannara

    Witch Wraith: The Dark Legacy of Shannara

    Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy,Science Fiction,Fiction,Action & Adventure
    Author: Terry Brooks
    Duration: 15:44:00

    From New York Times bestselling author Terry Brooks comes the final thrilling novel in a brand-new trilogy—The Dark Legacy of Shannara! For centuries the Four Lands enjoyed freedom from its demon-haunted past, protected by magic-enhanced borders from the dark dimension known as the Forbidding ... [ more ]

  • 2312


    Genre: Fiction,Action & Adventure
    Author: Kim Stanley Robinson
    Duration: 19:14:00

    Winner of the Nebula Award for Best SF Novel of the Year The year is 2312. Scientific and technological advances have opened gateways to an extraordinary future. Earth is no longer humanity's only home; new habitats have been created throughout the solar system on moons, planets, and in between. Bu ... [ more ]

  • Robert Ludlum's (TM): The Bourne Imperative

    Robert Ludlum's (TM): The Bourne Imperative

    Genre: Fiction,Action & Adventure
    Author: Eric Van Lustbader
    Duration: 13:55:00

    The man Jason Bourne fishes out of the freezing sea is near death, half-drowned and bleeding profusely from a gunshot wound. He awakens with no memory of who he is or why he was shot-and Bourne is eerily reminded of his own amnesia. Then Bourne discovers that the Mossad agent named Rebeka is so dete ... [ more ]

  • Black Wind

    Black Wind

    Genre: Fiction,Action & Adventure
    Author: Clive Cussler
    Duration: 15:58:00

    Clive the Mighty! hailed Kirkus Reviews about Cussler's last Dirk Pitt novel, Trojan Odyssey. Hurricane Clive at his most tumultuous. Nobody has been able to match Cussler yet for the intricate plotting and sheer audacity of his work, and Black Wind sets the bar even higher. In the waning days of Wo ... [ more ]

  • Long War

    Long War

    Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy,Science Fiction,Fiction,Action & Adventure,Science Fiction & Fantasy,Science Fiction,Fiction,Action & Adventure
    Author: Terence David John Pratchett, Stephen Baxter
    Duration: 13:51:00

    War has come to the Long Earth.... Humankind has spread across the new worlds opened up by stepping, which Joshua and Lobsang explored a mere decade ago. Now civilization flourishes, and fleets of airships link the multiple Earths through exploration, trade, and culture. Humankind is shapi ... [ more ]