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  • Mark Twain’s Journal Writings, Volume 2

    Mark Twain’s Journal Writings, Volume 2

    Genre: Biographies,Literary
    Author: Mark Twain
    Duration: 02:40:20

    This second collection of essays by Mark Twain is a good example of the diversity of subject matter about which he wrote. As with the essays in Volume 1, many first appeared alone, in magazines or newspapers, before being printed as chapters of his larger works, while others were taken from larger w ... [ more ]

  • Truth & Beauty: A Friendship

    Truth & Beauty: A Friendship

    Genre: Biographies,Literary
    Author: Ann Patchett
    Duration: 08:08:00

    The author of Bel Canto -- winner of the PEN/Faulkner Award, the Orange Prize and long-running New York Times bestseller -- turns to nonfiction in a moving chronicle of her decades-long friendship with the critically acclaimed and recently deceased author, Lucy Grealy. What happens when the per ... [ more ]

  • In Such Good Company: Eleven Years of Laughter, Mayhem, and Fun in the Sandbox

    In Such Good Company: Eleven Years of Laughter, Mayhem, and Fun in the Sandbox

    Genre: Biographies,Entertainment
    Author: Carol Burnett
    Duration: 08:01:52

    Comedy legend Carol Burnett tells the hilarious behind-the-scenes story of her iconic weekly variety series, The Carol Burnett Show. Who but Carol Burnett herself has the timing, talent, and wit to pull back the curtain on the Emmy-Award winning show that made television history for eleven glo ... [ more ]

  • Picking Cotton: Our Memoir of Injustice and Redemption

    Picking Cotton: Our Memoir of Injustice and Redemption

    Genre: Biographies,Memoir,Biographies,Memoir,Biographies,Memoir,Biographies,Memoir,Biographies,Memoir,Biographies,Memoir
    Author: Jennifer Thompson-Cannino, Ronald Cotton, Erin Torneo
    Duration: 07:50:00

    In this true and inspiring book, a unique and transcendent friendship rises from the depths of a shocking crime and a devastating miscarriage of justice. Jennifer Thompson was raped at knifepoint by a man who broke into her apartment while she slept. She was able to escape and eventually identi ... [ more ]

  • Guts: The Endless Follies and Tiny Triumphs of a Giant Disaster

    Guts: The Endless Follies and Tiny Triumphs of a Giant Disaster

    Genre: Biographies,Entertainment
    Author: Kristen Johnston
    Duration: 04:22:00

    It felt like I was speeding on the Autobahn toward hell, trapped inside a DeLorean with no brakes. And even if I could somehow stop, I'd still be screwed, because there''s no way I'd ever be able to figure out how to open those insane, cocaine-designed doors. The two-time Emmy Award-winning act ... [ more ]

  • Work in Progress: A Memoir

    Work in Progress: A Memoir

    Genre: Biographies,Memoir
    Author: Connor Franta
    Duration: 03:10:00

    From YouTube star vlogger Connor Franta comes a book that grows out of his massive social media outreach (specifically Tumblr & Instagram). This is a small book of postcards, notes, texts, tweets, journal entries, emails, letters, etc. that charts his coming of age. In the postcards Franta answers q ... [ more ]

  • F. Scott Fitzgerald

    F. Scott Fitzgerald

    Genre: Biographies,Literary
    Author: Joseph O. Meyer
    Duration: 00:55:00

    One of the first shows was on the life of Winston Churchill that featured sound clips of his friends and enemies produced by Joseph O. Meyers. It was such a success that Meyers was requested to produce more shows on other famous people that included, W.C. Fields, Babe Ruth, Red Allen and more. ... [ more ]

  • Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She's Learned

    Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She's Learned

    Genre: Biographies,Memoir
    Author: Lena Dunham
    Duration: 06:12:00

    For readers of Nora Ephron, Tina Fey, and David Sedaris, this hilarious, poignant, and extremely frank collection of personal essays confirms Lena Dunham-the acclaimed creator, producer, and star of HBO's Girls-as one of the brightest and most original writers working today. If I can take what I've ... [ more ]

  • House of Nails: A Memoir of Life on the Edge

    House of Nails: A Memoir of Life on the Edge

    Genre: Biographies,Memoir
    Author: Lenny Dykstra
    Duration: 08:32:40

    Tough, straight, upsetting, and strangely beautiful. One of the best sports autobiographies I've ever read. It comes from the heart. Stephen King Eclipsing the traditional sports memoir, House of Nails, by former world champion, multimillionaire entrepreneur, and imprisoned felon Lenny Dykstra, spi ... [ more ]

  • Horse Soldiers: The Extraordinary Story of a Band of US Soldiers Who Rode to Victory in Afghanistan

    Horse Soldiers: The Extraordinary Story of a Band of US Soldiers Who Rode to Victory in Afghanistan

    Genre: Biographies,Military
    Author: Doug Stanton
    Duration: 06:22:00

    Doug Stanton knows how to grip listeners. In Harm's Way was a major international bestseller for many weeks and celebrated for its stunning prose and gripping narrative. Now Stanton has turned his literary talents and reporter's tenaciousness to a new story: immediately following the attacks of Sep ... [ more ]

  • Fighting Chance

    Fighting Chance

    Genre: Biographies,Memoir
    Author: Elizabeth Warren
    Duration: 11:20:00

    As a child in small-town Oklahoma, Elizabeth Warren yearned to go to college and then become an elementary school teacher-an ambitious goal, given her family's modest means. Early marriage and motherhood seemed to put even that dream out of reach, but fifteen years later she was a distinguished law ... [ more ]

  • Johnny Carson

    Johnny Carson

    Genre: Biographies,Entertainment
    Author: Henry Bushkin
    Duration: 10:53:00

    A revealing and incisive account of the King of Late Night at the height of his fame and power, by his lawyer, wingman, fixer, and closest confidant From 1962 until 1992, Johnny Carson hosted The Tonight Show and permeated the American consciousness. In the ’70s and ’80s he was the country’s highest ... [ more ]

  • Tiger: The Real Story

    Tiger: The Real Story

    Genre: Biographies,Sports & Recreation
    Author: Steve Helling
    Duration: 06:44:00

    At twenty, Tiger Woods made his debut in a Nike commercial. Hello, World, he said. Are you ready for me? The world was ready. His handlers kept a tight rein on the private superstar, carefully controlling his media coverage. Although everyone recognizes Tiger Woods, his true character has remained a ... [ more ]

  • This Boy's Life

    This Boy's Life

    Genre: Biographies,Literary
    Author: Tobias Wolff
    Duration: 10:04:00

    First published in 1989, this memoir has become a classic in the genre. With this book, Wolff essentially launched the memoir craze that has been going strong ever since. It was made into a movie in 1993. Fiction writer Tobias Wolff electrified critics with his scarifying 1989 memoir, which man ... [ more ]

  • Ultramarathon Man: Confessions of an All-Night Runner

    Ultramarathon Man: Confessions of an All-Night Runner

    Genre: Biographies,Sports & Recreation
    Author: Dean Karnazes
    Duration: 07:00:00

    Karnazes reveals the mind-boggling adventures of his nonstop treks through the hell of Death Valley, the incomprehensible frigidity of the South Pole, and the breathtaking beauty of the mountains and canyons of the Sierra Nevada. ... [ more ]

  • My Mother Was Nuts

    My Mother Was Nuts

    Genre: Biographies,Entertainment
    Author: Penny Marshall
    Duration: 08:32:00

    Most people know Penny Marshall as the director of Big and A League of Their Own. What they don't know is her trailblazing career was a happy accident. In this funny and intimate memoir, Penny takes us from the stage of The Jackie Gleason Show in 1955 to Hollywood's star- studded sets, offering up s ... [ more ]

  • American Soldier

    American Soldier

    Genre: Biographies,Military
    Author: Tommy R. Franks
    Duration: 20:36:00

    The Commander in Chief of the United States Central Command from July 2000 through July 2003, General Tommy Franks made history by leading American and Coalition forces to victory in Afghanistan and Iraq -- the decisive battles that In this riveting memoir, General Franks retraces his journey f ... [ more ]

  • Not Taco Bell Material

    Not Taco Bell Material

    Genre: Biographies,Entertainment
    Author: Adam Carolla
    Duration: 08:01:00

    In his second book, Adam Carolla author of New York Times bestseller In Fifty Years We'll All Be Chicks and chart-topping podcaster reveals all the stories behind how he came to be the angry middle-aged man he is today. Funnyman Adam Carolla is known for two things: hilarious rants about things th ... [ more ]

  • Partly Cloudy Patriot

    Partly Cloudy Patriot

    Genre: Biographies,Historical
    Author: Sarah Vowell
    Duration: 05:19:00

    Sarah Vowell travels through the American past and, in doing so, investigates the dusty, bumpy roads of her own life. In this insightful and funny collection of personal stories Vowell -- widely hailed for her inimitable stories on public radio's This American Life -- ponders a number of curious que ... [ more ]

  • Trust Me, I'm Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator

    Trust Me, I'm Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator

    Genre: Biographies,Business
    Author: Ryan Holiday
    Duration: 06:27:00

    You've seen it all before. A malicious online rumor costs a company millions. A political sideshow derails the national news cycle and destroys a candidate. Some product or celebrity zooms from total obscurity to viral sensation. What you don't know is that someone is responsible for all this. Usual ... [ more ]