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  • Of Mice and Men

    Of Mice and Men

    Genre: Literature,Classics,Lectures,Education
    Author: Susan Van Kirk
    Duration: 02:42:00

    This CliffsNotes study guide on John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men supplements the original literary work, giving you background information about the author, an introduction to the work, a graphical character map, critical commentaries, expanded glossaries, and a comprehensive index, all for you to u ... [ more ]

  • Mansfield Park

    Mansfield Park

    Genre: Literature,Classics
    Author: Jane Austen
    Duration: 16:49:00

    Fanny Price, a poor relation of the rich Bertrams, is reluctantly adopted into the family to be brought up at Mansfield Park, where she is condescendingly treated. Only her cousin Edmund, a young clergyman, appreciates her fine qualities. Fanny soon falls in love with him, but Edmund is, unfortunate ... [ more ]

  • Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

    Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

    Genre: Literature,Classics
    Author: Mark Twain
    Duration: 02:10:00

    A true classic, a search for America's soul is given the reading of a lifetime by one of America's finest actors -- two-time Academy Award winner Jack Lemmon. Floating on a raft down the Mississippi with Jim, an escaping slave, Lemmon's Huck finds adventure, danger and a cast of characters who are b ... [ more ]

  • Beowulf


    Genre: Poetry,Literature,Classics
    Author: Unknown
    Duration: 02:49:00

    Finest heroic poem in Old English celebrates character and exploits of Beowulf, a young nobleman of the Geats, a people of southern Sweden. Narrative combines mythical elements, Christian and pagan sensibilities, actual historical figures and events to create a striking work of great power and beaut ... [ more ]

  • Uncle Tom's Cabin

    Uncle Tom's Cabin

    Genre: Literature,Classics
    Author: Harriet Beecher Stowe
    Duration: 22:05:00

    Uncle Tom is a high-minded, devoutly Christian black slave to a kind family, the Shelbys. Beset by financial difficulties, the Shelbys sell Tom to a slave trader. Young George Shelby promises to someday redeem him. The story relates Uncle Tom's trials, suffering, and religious fortitude. Uncle ... [ more ]

  • Red Badge of Courage

    Red Badge of Courage

    Genre: Literature,Classics,Novels
    Author: Stephen Crane
    Duration: 04:57:00

    There comes a time in the course of battle when a participant casts his fate to the gods of war, and carries on without question, the task at hand. Living, dying, right or wrong, can be contemplated later. The spirit of the bayonet takes over and carries the youth through the crucible of battle to e ... [ more ]

  • It's the Best Day Ever, Dad!

    It's the Best Day Ever, Dad!

    Genre: Juvenile & Children's,New Readers,Classics,Fiction,Children's,Ages 5 and Under
    Author: Brooke Shields
    Duration: 00:03:56

    Wake up, Dad! We've got a big day ahead! Frankie and her little sister, Violet, are excited to be out and about with Dad! From pancakes to puppies to a super-duper surprise, the order of the day is F-U-N. The gifted actress, author, and mother Brooke Shields pairs with the delightful Cor ... [ more ]

  • Biscuit Goes to School

    Biscuit Goes to School

    Genre: Juvenile & Children's,New Readers,Juvenile,Classics,Fiction,Children's,Ages 5 and Under,Juvenile & Children's,New Readers,Juvenile,Classics,Fiction,Children's,Ages 5 and Under
    Author: Pat Schories, Alyssa Satin Capucilli
    Duration: 00:02:24

    Read along with your favorite I Can Read Book characters! I Can Read Books are the premier line of beginning readers encouraging children to learn-and love-to read. Featuring award-winning authors and illustrators, I Can Read Books offer a full spectrum of entertaining stories for every stage o ... [ more ]

  • Kidnapped


    Genre: Juvenile & Children's,Classics,Children's,Ages 9 to 12
    Author: Robert Louis Stevensen
    Duration: 08:39:00

    Seventeen-year-old David Balfour's villainous uncle has him kidnapped in order to steal his inheritance. David escapes only to fall into the dangerous company of rebels who are resisting British redcoats in the Scottish highlands. ... [ more ]

  • Kiss Me Deadly

    Kiss Me Deadly

    Genre: Fiction,Mystery & Thriller,Literature,Classics,Novels,Chick Lit
    Author: Mickey Spillane
    Duration: 03:03:00

    No dame is pretty with a gun in her hand. But at least this one was alive. The last time Mike Hammer met up with a blonde she ended up dead, and Hammer inherited a war with the Mob. As he digs deeper, he discovers that about fifteen years ago the Mafia had been double crossed. Now, people are dying ... [ more ]

  • Crime and Punishment

    Crime and Punishment

    Genre: Fiction,Mystery & Thriller,Literature,Suspense,Classics,Novels,Classic Detectives
    Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
    Duration: 02:22:00

    One of the most tantalizing murder stories ever written, Crime and Punishment is a fascinating study of psychological tensions and spiritual struggle, as Rodion Raskolnikoff is overcome by remorse and guilt. Set in the claustrophobic slums of St. Petersburg in the heat of the summer, the main charac ... [ more ]

  • Uncle Tom's Cabin, Young Folks Edition

    Uncle Tom's Cabin, Young Folks Edition

    Genre: Juvenile & Children's,Classics,Children's,Ages 6 to 8
    Author: Harriet Beecher Stowe
    Duration: 01:43:00

    Painstakingly based upon the classic 1852 novel, Uncle Tom's Cabin, Harriet Beecher Stowe re-tells the story to allow young readers a glimpse into the darker side of American History. Uncle Tom's Cabin was the best selling novel of the 1800s and had an enormous influence in gallvanizing publi ... [ more ]

  • America and Americans and Selected Nonfiction

    America and Americans and Selected Nonfiction

    Genre: Literature,Classics
    Author: John Steinbeck
    Duration: 17:27:00

    More than three decades after his death, John Steinbeck remains one of the nation's most beloved authors. Yet few know of his career as a journalist who covered world events from the Great Depression to Vietnam. Now, this original collection offers a portrait of the artist as citizen, deeply engaged ... [ more ]

  • Portrait of a Lady [With eBook]

    Portrait of a Lady [With eBook]

    Genre: Classics
    Author: Henry Jr. James
    Duration: 21:32:00

    Spirited, beautiful young American Isabel Archer journeys to Europe to, in modern terms, find herself. But what she finds there may prove to be her undoing, especially when an infinitely sophisticated lady plots against her. ... [ more ]

  • Heidi


    Genre: Classics,Juvenile Fiction,Children's,Ages 6 to 8
    Author: Johanna Spyri
    Duration: 05:46:00

    A young girl discovers a new world high in the Alps in Johanna Spyri's timeless tale. ** Please contact member services for additional documents. ... [ more ]

  • Kidnapped [With eBook]

    Kidnapped [With eBook]

    Genre: Classics
    Author: Robert-Louis Stevenson
    Duration: 08:17:00

    Kidnapped is the story of sixteen-year-old David Balfour, an orphan, who after being kidnapped by his villainous uncle manages to escape and becomes involved in the struggle of the Scottish highlanders against English rule. ... [ more ]

  • Alice Through the Looking Glass

    Alice Through the Looking Glass

    Genre: Juvenile & Children's,Classics,Children's,Ages 6 to 8,Ages 9 to 12
    Author: Lewis Carroll
    Duration: 01:51:00

    When Alice's wish to visit the Looking Glass world comes true, she can't resist delving deeper and deeper into a land of caustic characters and twisted logic. So begins a game of chess on a grand scale, where the inhabitants of each square have their own set of rules. In her bid to become Queen ... [ more ]

  • Waiting


    Genre: Horror,Classics
    Author: Frank M. Robinson
    Duration: 10:17:00

    They are among us, and they've been here for a long time - waiting. They can make you love. They can make you die. One ordinary man in San Francisco, Arthur Banks, begins to find them out, and immediately his life and his family are in danger. It's a paranoid's worst nightmare. But that's just where ... [ more ]

  • Candide and Zadig

    Candide and Zadig

    Genre: Literature,Classics
    Author: Voltaire
    Duration: 06:37:00

    These two classic coming-of-age stories by Voltaire parody the romanticism of his day with the ruthless wit that has made him the undisputed master of social commentary. Candide, which is alternately titled, Optimism, is a merciless satire and exposé of the ideas and institutions men live by. I ... [ more ]

  • Jane Eyre

    Jane Eyre

    Genre: Literature,Classics
    Author: Charlotte Bronte
    Duration: 18:32:00

    Jane Eyre, the quintessential Gothic romance, in its singular greatness, shames all others by comparison. Even a justly famous novel like du Maurier's Rebecca seems but a paler version of Charlotte Brontë's great story, the tale of a poor young woman who believes herself undeserving of the inscrutab ... [ more ]