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  • Naked Trampoline Hamlet

    Naked Trampoline Hamlet

    Genre: Comedy,Stand Up
    Author: Andres du Bouchet
    Duration: 01:01:00

    Andrés du Bouchet is a comedian based in Los Angeles, and is currently a staff writer for 'Conan' on TBS. He is also in the midst of what is perhaps the single greatest imaginary acting career in the history of entertainment. A thunderous mega-star who prowls the pop-culture landscape like a stentor ... [ more ]

  • It's Hard Being A Person

    It's Hard Being A Person

    Genre: Comedy,Stand Up
    Author: Christina Pazsitsky
    Duration: 00:54:00

    Christina Pazsitzky (pronounced puh-jshit-ski) has been a round table regular and writer on the popular E! show Chelsea Lately, and is in the upcoming Showtime stand-up special Red Light Comedy, filmed in Amsterdam. Pazsitzky headlines comedy clubs nationwide and has performed for U.S. troops in Afg ... [ more ]

  • Everything's The Best!

    Everything's The Best!

    Genre: Comedy,Stand Up
    Author: Josh Gondelman
    Duration: 01:02:00

    Drawing from his experiences as a preschool teacher and a pretty good guy, Josh Gondelman charms audiences with his good-natured storytelling and cracks them up with his sharp, pointy wit. Josh's comedy touches on topics from rainbows to gangsta rap and makes them all equally hilarious thanks to his ... [ more ]

  • Content Of My Character

    Content Of My Character

    Genre: Comedy,Stand Up
    Author: Reese Waters
    Duration: 00:58:00

    Proudly a self-declared nerd, Reese has risen to be one of the most popular comics in the legendary New York comedy community. New York magazine recently named Reese one of their Ten Comics to Watch-and for good reason. After diving into the club scene, Reese won crowds over at the New York Undergro ... [ more ]

  • Welcome to Djibouti

    Welcome to Djibouti

    Genre: Comedy,Stand Up
    Author: Bryan Bruner
    Duration: 00:43:00

    Getting his licks in the Las Vegas comedy scene, Bryan spent his formative years stealing laughs from gamblers at video poker bars. Audiences quickly caught on to Bryan's rapid-fire delivery, enjoying his takes on (unsuccessfully) dating women and gaining insight into the true nature of NASCAR. Brya ... [ more ]

  • Not Black Album

    Not Black Album

    Genre: Comedy,Stand Up
    Author: Chris Killian
    Duration: 00:51:00

    Chris Killian is a comedian first and a songwriter second. Not the other way around. Chris would be equally comfortable on stage with Jim Gaffigan and Greg Giraldo (which he's done) as he would be with Metallica and Jay-Z (still on his to-do list). Chris has been touring comedy clubs and college cam ... [ more ]

  • Cut From A Different Fur

    Cut From A Different Fur

    Genre: Comedy,Stand Up
    Author: Bobby Joe Ebola
    Duration: 00:30:00

    Bobby Joe Ebola & The Children MacNuggits like you've never heard them - until now! Dan and Corbett cover their anthology playing some of their favorites from albums past, present and future on this intimate, gorgeous recording live from the legendary DIFFERENT FUR STUDIOS in San Francisco. The albu ... [ more ]

  • Moronic


    Genre: Comedy,Stand Up
    Author: Trey Galyon
    Duration: 00:52:00

    With his brutal honesty and quick wit, Trey has been called the ‘Anti Hero of Comedy’ by the Austin Chronicle. From family, to drugs, to an unnatural love of peanut butter, Trey tackles the not so tough subjects and hip checks a few that shoulda been left alone. ... [ more ]

  • Underachiever


    Genre: Comedy,Stand Up
    Author: Andy Hendrickson
    Duration: 00:45:00

    Andy Hendrickson is a New York-based comedian and writer. He has performed at HBO's U.S. Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen and TBS' The Comedy Festival in Las Vegas. A finalist at the Great American Comedy Festival, Andy regularly headlines comedy clubs, including NYC's renowned Comedy Cellar, as well a ... [ more ]

  • That's Not What I Meant

    That's Not What I Meant

    Genre: Comedy,Stand Up
    Author: Mike Brody
    Duration: 00:41:00

    Mike Brody brings high-energy delivery to a sharply observed act that traces his odyssey from small-town Iowa through college life, sobriety, paranormal adventures, and a comedy career that began on a whim at an open mic eleven years ago. Brody's ability to make the weird relatable has carried him a ... [ more ]

  • Lucy


    Genre: Comedy,Stand Up
    Author: Andy Woodhull
    Duration: 00:52:00

    While in college studying geology, Andy realized he cared more about making his classmates laugh than getting a good grade. He received a C for the assignment, but easily got the best laughs out of anyone in the class. On his album Lucy Andy finds humor in living up to the idea of being a manly man ... [ more ]

  • One Pretty Peacock

    One Pretty Peacock

    Genre: Comedy,Stand Up
    Author: Robert Buscemi
    Duration: 00:47:00

    Since releasing his last album, Palpable, Buscemi has moved from Chicago to Los Angeles, has begun submitting to The Onion News Network, performed at SF Sketchfest 2012 and Portland's Bridgetown Comedy Festival. He's also seen his comedy style evolve, moving away from longer narratives and creating ... [ more ]

  • Billy Wayne Davis

    Billy Wayne Davis

    Genre: Comedy,Stand Up
    Author: Billy Wayne Davis
    Duration: 00:46:00

    Billy Wayne Davis is the thinking man's hillbilly. With a combination of subtle, disarming intelligence and an unmistakable comfort on stage, he has the rare ability to win over every kind of comedy audience imaginable. After making a name for himself in his homeland of Nashville, he has gone on to ... [ more ]

  • So Many Choices

    So Many Choices

    Genre: Comedy,Stand Up
    Author: Erin Judge
    Duration: 00:54:00

    Erin travels the country with the Pink Collar Comedy Tour, and she was a 2013 semi-finalist in NBC's Stand Up NBC talent search. She has appeared at the Women in Comedy Festival, at the Bridgetown Comedy Festival, on Comedy Central, and in the pages of TimeOut New York, the Boston Globe, and the New ... [ more ]

  • Nato Green Party

    Nato Green Party

    Genre: Comedy,Stand Up
    Author: Nato Green
    Duration: 00:51:00

    On The Nato Green Party, his debut album, Nato tells outrageous true stories of run-ins with anti-semitism and his involvement in protests and civil disobedience. He attacks the Holocaust, Occupy Wall Street, the state of the gay rights movement, electoral politics, and parenthood with a singularly ... [ more ]

  • Stever Fever

    Stever Fever

    Genre: Comedy,Stand Up
    Author: Steve Gillespie
    Duration: 00:38:00

    Hailing from Minneapolis, Steve Gillespie first began performing stand-up at the Acme Comedy Club, and has quickly emerged as a fast-rising talent in one of the strongest and most competitive comedy scenes in the country. Metromix Magazine named Steve one of the top comedians in the Twin Cities. ... [ more ]

  • Get To The Castle

    Get To The Castle

    Genre: Comedy,Stand Up
    Author: Mark Ellis
    Duration: 00:49:00

    Mark Ellis from the Schmoes Know podcast releases his debut stand-up album recorded live from La Jolla, California! ... [ more ]

  • Bronze Digger

    Bronze Digger

    Genre: Comedy,Stand Up
    Author: Sandi Smith
    Duration: 00:46:00

    Accomplished comic Andi Smith entered the world of stand-up on a dare and has been stealing the spotlight since. On her CD Bronze Digger Andi breaks down double standards on men and how to deal with a boyfriend on Aderall. ... [ more ]

  • Inappropriate


    Genre: Comedy,Stand Up
    Author: Danny Bevins
    Duration: 01:01:00

    Danny Bevins mouth has gotten him arrested, fined and fired from every job he’s ever had, but for the last ten years it’s propelled him to tour the world and perform on some of the most prestigious stages in comedy. Innaporpriate is Danny's examination of his strange childhood and soceity's norms. ... [ more ]

  • One Of A Kind

    One Of A Kind

    Genre: Comedy,Stand Up
    Author: Adam Norwest
    Duration: 00:46:00

    The Seattle Native, Adam Norwest, uses his energetic style and natural confidence onstage to make his stories about dating, and his family, not only funny, but relatable and engaging as well. Adam mixes his clever material in with crowd interaction for a truly memorable experience. ... [ more ]