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  • Only Yours

    Only Yours

    Genre: Romance,Contemporary
    Author: Susan Mallery
    Duration: 09:16:00

    Montana Hendrix has found her calling - working with therapy dogs. With a career she loves in a hometown she adores, she's finally ready to look for her own happily ever after. Could one of her dogs help her find Mr. Right... or maybe Dr. Right? Surgeon Simon Bradley prefers the sterility of the hos ... [ more ]

  • Best Kind of Broken

    Best Kind of Broken

    Genre: Romance,Contemporary
    Author: Chelsea Fine
    Duration: 08:59:00

    New Adult Romance By turns humorous and heartbreaking, Best Kind Of Broken has become one of my favorites! --- CORA CARMACK, New York Times bestselling author SOMETIMES MOVING ON MEANS MOVING IN Pixie Marshall wishes every day she could turn back time and fix the past. But she can't. And the dam ... [ more ]

  • Remy


    Genre: Romance,Contemporary
    Author: Katy Evans
    Duration: 08:03:00

    Remington Tate is a mystery, even to himself. His mind is dark and light, complex and enlightening. He might grasp his own thoughts at times and forget what he did in others. But through it all, there is one constant. The constant of wanting, needing, loving, and protecting Brooke Dumas with every f ... [ more ]

  • Dark Wild Night

    Dark Wild Night

    Genre: Romance,Contemporary,Romance,Contemporary
    Author: Christina Lauren
    Duration: 09:06:00

    When three college besties meet three hot guys in Vegas, anything could-and does-happen. From Christina Lauren (Beautiful Bastard), Book Three in the sexy, fun New York Times bestselling Wild Seasons series that began with Sweet Filthy Boy and Dirty Rowdy Thing. ... [ more ]

  • Briarwood Girls

    Briarwood Girls

    Genre: Young Adult,Contemporary
    Author: Julia L. Glover
    Duration: 01:37:00

    Kindred Spirits return for their Sophomore year at Briarwood College. There‚Äôs a new girl who upsets the status quo. ... [ more ]

  • Turn and Burn

    Turn and Burn

    Genre: Romance,Contemporary
    Author: Lorelei James
    Duration: 11:04:00

    In the fifth installment of Lorelei James's Blacktop Cowboys series, sparks fly when champion barrel racer Tanna Barker meets August Fletcher, a sexy veterinarian. Contains mature themes. Tanna Barker is a world champion barrel racer. But her personal life has been less of a success, and she's ... [ more ]

  • Bettina's Tales

    Bettina's Tales

    Genre: Erotica,Contemporary
    Author: Bettina Varese
    Duration: 01:50:00

    A collection of erotic short stories containing sex and erotica. Explicit adult fiction which includes: heterosexual sex, group sex, swinging, lesbian sex and bondage. The stories are presented to the reader by Bettina Varese and will be enjoyed by both men and women. Bettina's titles are written to ... [ more ]

  • As Easy as Falling Off the Face of the Earth

    As Easy as Falling Off the Face of the Earth

    Genre: Juvenile & Children's,Young Adult,Contemporary
    Author: Lynne Rae Perkins
    Duration: 07:41:00

    Train. Car. Plane. Boat. Feet. He'll get there. Won't he? ... [ more ]

  • Lady Pirate

    Lady Pirate

    Genre: Romance,Contemporary
    Author: Lynsay Sands
    Duration: 12:26:01

    Valoree no longer has to masquerade as her murdered brother and scourge the oceans as Captain Red. She no longer has to command his pirate band in a quest to regain his birthright. She has been named heir to Ainsley Castle. But no executor would ever hand over the estate to an unmarried pirate wench ... [ more ]

  • Pirate Bride

    Pirate Bride

    Genre: Romance,Contemporary
    Author: Sandra Hill
    Duration: 09:31:00

    A Viking to bed, not to wed! Medana Elsadottir, known as the Sea Scourge, never planned to become a pirate, but there's no denying her talent. Her female-only tribe has an island hideaway, food aplenty, goods to trade, everything except the means to breed. That's where the strapping Norsemen ti ... [ more ]

  • Christmas Cookie Collection

    Christmas Cookie Collection

    Genre: Romance,Contemporary
    Author: Lori Wilde
    Duration: 11:42:00

    The New York Times Bestselling Author of The First Love Cookie Club returns to Twilight, Texas, with one brand-new story and three stories never before in print! There's a legend in Twilight, Texas. It says that if on Christmas you sleep with kismet cookies under your pillow and dream of your o ... [ more ]

  • What I Love About You

    What I Love About You

    Genre: Romance,Contemporary
    Author: Rachel Gibson
    Duration: 06:44:00

    New York Times bestselling author Rachel Gibson returns to Truly, Idaho, and to the fate of sexy SEAL Blake Junger GIMMEE A B-R-E-A-K! Ex-high school cheerleader Natalie Cooper could once shake her pom-poms with the best of them. But she's paid for all that popularity, her husband's run of ... [ more ]

  • Hotelles: A Novel

    Hotelles: A Novel

    Genre: Erotica,Contemporary
    Author: Emma Marshall
    Duration: 19:21:00

    Paris, a hotel room, the middle of the afternoon . . . So begins the story of Annabelle, a young escort in Paris who has accepted her final proposition before marrying the powerful and generous man of her dreams, media mogul David Barlet. But the mysterious handwritten notes she has been receiv ... [ more ]

  • Wild: The Ivy Chronicles

    Wild: The Ivy Chronicles

    Genre: Romance,Contemporary
    Author: Sophie Jordan
    Duration: 07:57:00

    Months after her boyfriend dumped her, Georgia can still hear the insults he hurled at her. Boring. Predictable. Tame. Tired of feeling bad, she's ready to change her image and go a little wild. What better way to prove her ex wrong than a hot night of adventure at the secret campus kink club? ... [ more ]

  • Trusting Liam: A Taking Chances and Forgiving Lies Novel

    Trusting Liam: A Taking Chances and Forgiving Lies Novel

    Genre: Romance,Contemporary,Romance,Contemporary
    Author: Molly McAdams
    Duration: 08:19:00

    From the New York Times bestselling author of Taking Chances, From Ashes, and Stealing Harper, comes the new unforgettable adult romance Molly McAdams' fans have been waiting for, the sizzling story of a young woman who must place her trust in the one man who can break through her defenses. A n ... [ more ]

  • Wedding for Christmas

    Wedding for Christmas

    Genre: Romance,Contemporary
    Author: Lori Wilde
    Duration: 08:55:10

    The whole town is ready for the holidays: The Cookie Club is baking, Main Street glitters with lights, the carolers sing . . .There's even a Christmas wedding.When bodyguard Ryder Southerland sees his best friend's sister Katie at an L.A. Christmas party, he mistakes the slinky blonde for a celebrit ... [ more ]

  • Original Sin

    Original Sin

    Genre: Romance,Contemporary
    Author: Allison Brennan
    Duration: 14:17:00

    Haunted by chilling memories of demonic possession and murder, Moira O'Donnell has spent seven years hunting down her mother, Fiona, whose command of black magic has granted her unprecedented control of the underworld. Now Moira's global search has led her to a small California town that's about to ... [ more ]

  • Last Chance

    Last Chance

    Genre: Romance,Contemporary,Mystery
    Author: Christy Reece
    Duration: 10:14:00

    NEVER SAY DIE McKenna Sloan saved Lucas Kan's life and then vanished. Lucas moved mountains trying to find her again, and finally McKenna relented for one fleeting night. The truth is, McKenna's life is all about the dark, deception-filled world of Last Chance Rescue, and for her, there's no h ... [ more ]

  • Deenie


    Genre: Juvenile & Children's,Children's,Contemporary,Ages 9 to 12
    Author: Judy Blume
    Duration: 03:32:00

    When Deenie finds out that she has scoliosis, she's scared. When she sees the brace for the first time, she wants to scream. But the words won't come out. And Deenie, beautiful Deenie, who everyone says should be a model, is stuck wearing a brace from her neck to her hips. For four years— ... [ more ]

  • Money Never Sleeps

    Money Never Sleeps

    Genre: Fiction,Contemporary
    Author: Tu-Shonda L. Whitaker
    Duration: 07:55:00

    The bling is brighter, the drama is amped up, and the delicious beauties from Tu-Shonda L. Whitaker's Millionaire Wives Club are back for a second season of backstabbing, divorce parties, and family sagas. Lights, camera, action! Milan, Jaise, and Chaunci are the gorgeous, high-rolling divas s ... [ more ]