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  • Miser


    Genre: Audio Theatre,Dramatization
    Author: Molière
    Duration: 02:05:21

    The Miser is a comedy of manners about a rich moneylender named Harpagon. His feisty children long to escape from his penny-pinching household and marry their respective lovers. Although the 17th-century French upper classes presumably objected to the play's message, it is less savage and somewhat l ... [ more ]

  • Barks and Purrs (Dramatic Reading)

    Barks and Purrs (Dramatic Reading)

    Genre: Audio Theatre,Dramatization
    Author: Colette
    Duration: 02:03:14

    Barks and Purrs is a collection of seven episodes in the lives of Toby-Dog, a French Bulldog, and Kiki-the-Demure, a Maltese cat, living in a comfortable household. The episodes cover a hot afternoon, a train ride, and what happened when dinner was late or their mistress was ill. We hear about the f ... [ more ]

  • Henry IV, A Tragedy in Three Acts

    Henry IV, A Tragedy in Three Acts

    Genre: Audio Theatre,Dramatization
    Author: Luigi Pirandello
    Duration: 02:02:57

    A talented actor and historian falls off his horse in a historical pageant while playing the role of Henry IV. When he comes to, he believes himself to be Henry. For the next twenty years his nephew, Count de Nolli, funds an elaborate hoax in a remote villa, where actors play the roles of Henry's pr ... [ more ]

  • Lovers' Vows

    Lovers' Vows

    Genre: Audio Theatre,Dramatization
    Author: Elizabeth Inchbald
    Duration: 02:02:47

    Lovers' Vows (1798), a play by Elizabeth Inchbald arguably best known now for having been featured in Jane Austen's novel Mansfield Park (1814), is one of at least four adaptations of August von Kotzebue's Das Kind der Liebe (1780; literally Child of Love, or Natural Son, as it is often translated), ... [ more ]

  • The Time is Not Yet Ripe

    The Time is Not Yet Ripe

    Genre: Audio Theatre,Dramatization
    Author: Thomas Louis Buvelot Esson
    Duration: 01:55:48

    Thomas Louis Buvelot Esson (1878 - 1943) was an Australian poet, journalist and playwright. He was born in Edinburgh but moved to Melbourne, Australia when he was three. He attended the University of Melbourne and began working as a journalist and playwright soon after. His best known work is the p ... [ more ]

  • Mary Broome

    Mary Broome

    Genre: Audio Theatre,Dramatization
    Author: Allan Monkhouse
    Duration: 01:54:51

    Before Downton Abbey, there was Mary Broome. In Allan Monkhouse's 1911 satire, when the son of a middle-class household gets their housemaid pregnant, the two families must try to combine their very different values. (Summary by wildemoose) ... [ more ]

  • Double Falsehood; or, The Distrest Lovers

    Double Falsehood; or, The Distrest Lovers

    Genre: Audio Theatre,Dramatization
    Author: Lewis Theobald
    Duration: 01:53:03

    This play is based on story told in Cervantes' Don Quixote, and some believe it is a reconstruction of a lost play by Shakespeare and Fletcher. Duke Angelo and his son Roderick are concerned about the activities of the duke's younger son, Henriquez. They enlist his friend, Julio, as a spy. Before Ju ... [ more ]

  • Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

    Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

    Genre: Dramatization,Shakespeare
    Author: William Shakespeare
    Duration: 04:07:00

    The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark is a tragedy by William Shakespeare. Set in the Kingdom of Denmark, the play dramatizes the revenge Prince Hamlet exacts on his uncle Claudius for murdering King Hamlet, Claudius's brother and Prince Hamlet's father, and then succeeding to the throne and taki ... [ more ]

  • Merchant of Venice

    Merchant of Venice

    Genre: Dramatization,Shakespeare
    Author: William Shakespeare
    Duration: 02:24:52

    William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice was probably written between 1596 and 1598, and was printed with the comedies in the First Folio of 1623. Bassanio, an impoverished gentleman, uses the credit of his friend, the merchant Antonio, to borrow money from a wealthy Jew, Shylock. Antonio pledge ... [ more ]