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  • Life and Amours of the Beautiful, Gay and Dashing Kate Percival, the Belle of the Delaware

    Life and Amours of the Beautiful, Gay and Dashing Kate Percival, the Belle of the Delaware

    Genre: Erotica,Contemporary
    Author: Kate Percival
    Duration: 04:02:00

    This surprisingly explicit sample of Victorian erotica follows the sexual awakening and subsequent adventures of its author, Kate Percival, the belle of the Delaware. Content warning: this one is definitely NC-17 rated. (Summary by wildemoose) ... [ more ]

  • Rode Hard, Put Up Wet

    Rode Hard, Put Up Wet

    Genre: Erotica,Contemporary
    Author: Lorelei James
    Duration: 09:58:00

    Workin up a hot, sticky sweat is pure pleasure with a hard-ridin cowboy or two. Struggling stock contractor Gemma Jansen swallows her pride and tracks down circuit rider Cash Big Crow to offer him a job managing her ranch. Cash agrees on one condition: theirs wont be strictly a working relationship. ... [ more ]

  • Men at Work - A collection of five erotic stories

    Men at Work - A collection of five erotic stories

    Genre: Erotica,Anthologies,Contemporary
    Author: Cathryn Cooper
    Duration: 01:20:00

    A collection of five erotic stories with mixed and varied themes. Men at Work by Elizabeth Cage Matt's a workaholic. It's driving Emma crazy, but she's sure that their new loft room will mean they see more of each other. She has two young builders working overtime to get the work done. The ni ... [ more ]

  • Pitch Black

    Pitch Black

    Genre: Erotica,Contemporary
    Author: Emma Joy
    Duration: 00:15:00

    Leanne has been watching and wondering. Now, thanks to a faulty elevator, she finally learns Trent has been watching her too...and he knows just what she needs. Senses expand in the dark and a touch leads to more. Leanne can finally stop wondering. Now she knows. ... [ more ]

  • Gulliver Takes Manhattan

    Gulliver Takes Manhattan

    Genre: Fiction,Erotica,Gay
    Author: Justin Luke Zirilli
    Duration: 10:19:00

    When Gulliver Leverenz abandons LA to make a fresh start in New York, he leaves behind his family, his friends - and one bastard ex-boyfriend. It's certainly an impulse move: Gully has no job, no money, and no direction. What he does have is a former fraternity brother with a posh apartment, a crew ... [ more ]

  • June


    Genre: Erotica,Anthologies
    Author: Audrey Carlan
    Duration: 03:51:57

    Politics, phallic statues, and pretty women.Literally everywhere you look, you see an old man and a gold-digging, cling-on wrapped around their wrinkly arms.Looks as though my hot streak ended when Warren Shipley, one of the nation's wealthiest men, hired me to play arm-candy to save face with the o ... [ more ]

  • Sex & Submission Selections Four

    Sex & Submission Selections Four

    Genre: Erotica,Anthologies
    Author: Cathryn Cooper
    Duration: 01:18:00

    A selection of four varied erotic short stories. Evelyn by Courtney Bee Adam isn’t in the habit of sleeping with a girl on a first date – in fact he’s a virgin – but there’s something special about Evelyn. When she suggests he go back to her apartment he can’t resist. But when he later wa ... [ more ]

  • Damaged Goods

    Damaged Goods

    Genre: Mystery & Thriller,Erotica,Contemporary
    Author: Lainey Reese
    Duration: 06:00:00

    Homicide detective Brice Marshall fears that Terryn, an attractive woman he met at a BDSM club, may be in danger, in the second book in Lainey Reese's New York series. Contains mature themes. Homicide detective Brice Marshall's current case has him stymied and frustrated. A serial killer is sla ... [ more ]

  • Bachelor Unforgiving

    Bachelor Unforgiving

    Genre: Erotica,Contemporary
    Author: Brenda Jackson
    Duration: 06:07:00

    Passionate payback They say you can forgive but you can never forget. Virgil Bougard takes that saying to heart. Four years ago Kara Goshay believed a vicious lie about him and ended their relationship. And even after her apology, Virgil is still bitter. He doesn't intend to make things easy f ... [ more ]

  • Dangerously Bound

    Dangerously Bound

    Genre: Erotica,Contemporary
    Author: Eden Bradley
    Duration: 09:06:00

    The first in a new series from Eden Bradley featuring pastry chef Allie and security specialist Mick. Contains mature themes. Allie LeClair has finally returned to the sultry city of New Orleans. After ten years of studying and working as a pastry chef in San Francisco and all over Europe—and f ... [ more ]

  • Nathan Cotton Vampire Series

    Nathan Cotton Vampire Series

    Genre: Erotica,Contemporary
    Author: Lydia Parks
    Duration: 10:26:43

    A collection of five steamy Nathan Cotton romances by author Lydia Parks Dark Desires When Nathan meets Amy, she's in tears. Frustrated that she's not more interested in sex, her boyfriend has left to consider their relationship. Nathan knows he should leave the young woman alone-relationships wit ... [ more ]

  • Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure

    Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure

    Genre: Biographies,Erotica,Memoir,Contemporary
    Author: John Cleland
    Duration: 09:25:56

    The tale of a naïve young prostitute in London who slowly rises to respectability, the novel & its popularity endured many banning’s & critics, & this book is considered an important piece of sexual philosophy. **** This audiobook is for mature readers only. ***** ... [ more ]

  • Billionaire Romance: Shifter Underworld Part Two: Craving the Alpha Wolf

    Billionaire Romance: Shifter Underworld Part Two: Craving the Alpha Wolf

    Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy,Science Fiction,Erotica,Contemporary
    Author: Cynthia Mendoza
    Duration: 00:36:00

    Are you ready to take on the shifter underworld? The Exciting Part 2 of a Four Part Wolf Shifter Kingpin Series... Read the Prologue and Part 1 first! It’s business as usual for Kara, but there’s one thing she can’t stop thinking about…and that’s Dimitri. What sta ... [ more ]

  • Fall of Lucas Kendrick

    Fall of Lucas Kendrick

    Genre: Romance,Erotica,Contemporary,Contemporary
    Author: Kay Hooper
    Duration: 04:50:00

    Time was supposed to obscure memories, but when Kyle Griffon saw the sunlight glinting off Lucas Kendrick's hair, she knew she'd never stopped waiting for him. Ten years before, he'd awakened her woman's passion, and when he left without a word, her quicksilver laughter had turned to anger, and her ... [ more ]

  • Erotic City: Las Vegas

    Erotic City: Las Vegas

    Genre: Erotica,Contemporary
    Author: Pynk
    Duration: 03:18:00

    Husband and wife Lavender and Milan Lewis have expanded their EROTIC CITY swingers club locations, with clubs in Atlanta, Miami, and now a third location in Las Vegas. The city of sin seems to be just the ticket for Milan to spread her wings, as she's fresh off of having to come to terms with Lavend ... [ more ]

  • Living in Shadow

    Living in Shadow

    Genre: Erotica,Contemporary
    Author: Jackie Ashenden
    Duration: 06:32:00

    Finding his way out of the darkness could be the biggest fight of his life. Living In.. Book 1. Law professor Eleanor May is fine with taking over a class for a colleague on sabbatical. She’s not so fine with the hot student who’s always seated front and center. Once upon a time she was that student ... [ more ]

  • Living in Sin

    Living in Sin

    Genre: Erotica,Contemporary
    Author: Jackie Ashenden
    Duration: 07:11:00

    Her temptation...his salvation. Living In..., Book 2 At twenty, Lily Andrews has already lived a lifetime. Her battle with leukemia put her three years behind her ballet career, and now that the grueling treatment is behind her, she's eager to put her dancing shoes back on-literally and figuratively ... [ more ]

  • Guarded Desires

    Guarded Desires

    Genre: Erotica,Contemporary
    Author: Lexxie Couper
    Duration: 06:42:00

    Desire like this wasn’t in the script… Heart of Fame, Book 3. Small-screen sex symbol Chris Huntley is on the fast track to becoming the next big action-blockbuster movie star. When his latest movie takes him to Australia for a red-carpet premiere, he thinks he’s ready for anything. But nothing coul ... [ more ]

  • Wrong for Me

    Wrong for Me

    Genre: Erotica,Contemporary
    Author: Jackie Ashenden
    Duration: 10:08:00

    After eight years in prison, Levi Rush is finally out and back on the gritty streets of Detroit to claim the future he was owed. A future that includes the one woman he's wanted for years-his former best friend Rachel. She's the reason he went inside and if getting her to do what he wants means buyi ... [ more ]

  • Tough Love

    Tough Love

    Genre: Erotica,Contemporary
    Author: Heidi Cullinan
    Duration: 11:14:00

    Crescencio Chenco Ortiz pulled himself up by his garter straps after his father's will yanked the financial rug from under his spank-me pumps. He doesn't need anyone, yet when Steve Vance steps into his life, the prospect of having a sexy leather daddy on tap begins to take on a certain appeal. ... [ more ]