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  • Hot in Handcuffs: Three Novellas of Sensual Capture

    Hot in Handcuffs: Three Novellas of Sensual Capture

    Genre: Erotica,Contemporary,Erotica,Contemporary,Erotica,Contemporary
    Author: Shayla Black, Shiloh Walker, Sylvia Day
    Duration: 11:48:00

    Meet the FBI agent determined to save a virginal professor's life--and claim her...a sexy female fire inspector with a desire that burns like a blast furnace...and a Texas cop with a psychic gift that tells her exactly what some men want. Three never-before-published novellas that'll teach listeners ... [ more ]

  • Letters to Penthouse XXXXV: Please Me, Spank Me

    Letters to Penthouse XXXXV: Please Me, Spank Me

    Genre: Erotica,Anthologies,Contemporary,Erotica,Anthologies,Contemporary
    Author: Penthouse International
    Duration: 05:03:00

    Women love kinky sex-and they love to talk about it. They've long enjoyed the erotic confessions of ladies who crave the sweet surrender of submission, the heady thrill of domination, and the sublime pleasure of sexual fetishes. This edition of Letters to Penthouse presents these women's wildest adv ... [ more ]

  • Brendon


    Genre: Erotica,Contemporary,Erotica,Contemporary,Erotica,Contemporary,Erotica,Contemporary
    Author: Nicole Edwards
    Duration: 09:02:00

    From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Nicole Edwards comes the eighth searing installment in her Alluring Indulgence erotic romance series, which follows the seven Walker brothers and their sizzling-hot love interests! Brendon Walker’s life was altered drastically when his twin b ... [ more ]

  • Betting on Grace: A Dead Heat Ranch Novel, Book 1

    Betting on Grace: A Dead Heat Ranch Novel, Book 1

    Genre: Erotica,Contemporary,Erotica,Contemporary,Erotica,Contemporary
    Author: Nicole Edwards
    Duration: 10:30:00

    New York Times bestselling author Nicole Edwards is continuing to heat things up with Betting on Grace, the first full-length novel in the sexy Dead Heat Ranch series. The tables have turned on Grace Lambert. For a woman familiar with long days and hard work, she just recently discovered just h ... [ more ]

  • Sex So Great She Can't Get Enough

    Sex So Great She Can't Get Enough

    Genre: Erotica,Contemporary
    Author: Barbara Keesling, PhD.
    Duration: 06:22:00

    Why be good in bed when you can be great? Renowned sex therapist and bestselling author Barbara Keesling, Ph.D. shows you how to have mind-blowing sex every time you slide between the sheets. Her message, like her philosophy about sex, is simple: every man can be an amazing lover. The path to being ... [ more ]

  • Little Mermaid

    Little Mermaid

    Genre: Erotica,Contemporary
    Author: Cecillia Tan
    Duration: 00:28:08

    An erotic retelling of the classic fairy tale in which the mermaid sacrifices everything for passion. This story was selected for the new anthology, Aqua Erotica, edited by Mary Ann Mohanraj. ... [ more ]

  • Officer Off Limits

    Officer Off Limits

    Genre: Romance,Erotica,Contemporary
    Author: Tessa Bailey
    Duration: 06:27:00

    A hostage negotiator pursues a forbidden relationship with his mentor's daughter in this sexy third entry in Tessa Bailey's Line of Duty series. Contains mature themes. Story Brooks's fiancé just called off their wedding two weeks before the happy day. As if that isn't bad enough, her semi-estr ... [ more ]

  • Paradise Rules

    Paradise Rules

    Genre: Romance,Erotica,Contemporary
    Author: Beth Kery
    Duration: 10:06:00

    From the New York Times bestselling author of Because You Are Mine comes a sizzling romance set in Honolulu, Hawaii. Lana Rodriguez grew up along Hawaii's crystal blue shores, but for her, the picture-perfect paradise disguises the bitter truths she escaped years ago, and not without emotional ... [ more ]

  • Billionaire Romance: Shifter Underworld Part Three - Climax for The Client

    Billionaire Romance: Shifter Underworld Part Three - Climax for The Client

    Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy,Science Fiction,Erotica,Contemporary
    Author: Cynthia Mendoza
    Duration: 00:47:00

    Are you ready to take on the shifter underworld? The Exciting Conclusion of a Four Part Wolf Shifter Kingpin Series... Read the Prologue, Part 1, and Part 2 first! After spending more than one night with the enigmatic Dimitri, Kara knows her feelings are moving beyond what is ... [ more ]

  • Claimed By The Wolf Brotherhood

    Claimed By The Wolf Brotherhood

    Genre: Romance,Erotica,Contemporary,Contemporary
    Author: Meg Ripley
    Duration: 01:06:22

    Determined to make a name for herself, Aiza Simpson decides to purchase the neighborhood tavern that she's been working at for years. When Portland's nefarious werewolf biker pack, The Wolf Brotherhood, threatens to stake their claim on Aiza's tavern, she vows to defend what's rightfully hers-no mat ... [ more ]

  • Curling Iron

    Curling Iron

    Genre: Erotica,Gay
    Author: Nya Rawlyns
    Duration: 03:49:41

    Book #1 in the Bad Boyfriends Series Kane leads a double life. By day, he pumps iron, running a fitness center, where jocks and Cougar flock for the burn and the ‘tude. By night, it's something else entirely that gets pumped, as Kane swaps sweats for Armani to cater to an exclusive cliente ... [ more ]

  • Bound for Sin: Three Stories of Wicked Temptation: Includes Succubus, Wet Nurse, and Charity Begins from Pleasure Bound

    Bound for Sin: Three Stories of Wicked Temptation: Includes Succubus, Wet Nurse, and Charity Begins from Pleasure Bound

    Genre: Erotica,Contemporary,Erotica,Contemporary
    Author: Susan Swann
    Duration: 01:23:00

    Bound for Sin is a collection of three sexy short stories. All of these stories are X rated, so whether you listen alone or with a friend, they're guaranteed to thrill!Succubus Rose responds to a dare to stay the night in a haunted house and encounters a ghost who exists just to pleasure her...Wet N ... [ more ]

  • Unwilling


    Genre: Erotica,Contemporary
    Author: Shiloh Walker
    Duration: 03:45:00

    Mica Greer and her former lover, ex-FBI agent Colby Mathis once shared an intimate past and a powerful psychic gift. Now, they've been reunited by a bizarre series of murders--and an electrifying passion that could put them both in jeopardy. ... [ more ]

  • Black Gold

    Black Gold

    Genre: Erotica,Contemporary
    Author: Vivian Arend
    Duration: 07:10:00

    Takhini Wolves, Book 1. Lone wolf Shaun Stevens's automatic response to the words happily ever after? Kill me now. Yet with all his friends settling down he's begun to think there may actually be something to this love-and-roses crap. One thing's for sure: his dream mate will have to out-c ... [ more ]

  • Limited Time Offer: Brew Crew #1

    Limited Time Offer: Brew Crew #1

    Genre: Erotica,Contemporary,Erotica,Contemporary
    Author: Kelly Jamieson
    Duration: 09:41:48

    Sex may sell, but their deal doesn't include love… Brew Crew, Book 1. Account Director Sloane Granderson has been given her orders by the CEO-tone down the antics of the Brew Crew, the guys at Huxworth Packard Advertising who work on their biggest account. Sure, they're all puffed up, strutting egos ... [ more ]

  • Body Language: The Boot Knockers Ranch #2

    Body Language: The Boot Knockers Ranch #2

    Genre: Erotica,Contemporary
    Author: Em Petrova
    Duration: 04:52:54

    There are no words for desire this hot… but he'll sure try to find them. The Boot Knockers Ranch, Book 2. If there’s one thing that Damian Vince can do well, it’s read women. With his trademark wink and sexy drawl, he’s the most wanted cowboy on the Boot Knockers Ranch, a spa where sexually challeng ... [ more ]

  • Unbreakable Hope

    Unbreakable Hope

    Genre: Erotica,Contemporary
    Author: Sami Lee
    Duration: 07:13:00

    When you're caught in the impact zone, the only choice is surrender. Wild Crush, Book 5. After a monster wave almost kills him, Dylan realizes it was a mistake to put his pro-surfing career ahead of the girl he left behind. Now that he's finally able to give Hope everything she ever wanted, he's stu ... [ more ]

  • How Not to Fall

    How Not to Fall

    Genre: Erotica,Contemporary
    Author: Emily Foster
    Duration: 09:58:34

    In her witty and breathtakingly sexy novel, Emily Foster introduces a story of lust, friendship, and other unpredictable experiments. . . Data, research, scientific formulae--Annabelle Coffey is completely at ease with all of them. Men, not so much. But that's all going to change after she asks Dr. ... [ more ]

  • Ace: Las Vegas Bad Boys #1

    Ace: Las Vegas Bad Boys #1

    Genre: Erotica,Contemporary,Erotica,Contemporary
    Author: Frankie Love
    Duration: 07:52:49

    ACE. I don't take women to bed. I take them against the wall, hard and fast, and when I come I make sure they remember. They always do. I'm cocky as hell, but sh*t, I've got reason to be. I own Spades Royalle, the sexiest casino in Vegas. F*ck, the sexiest casino in the country. I'm gonna keep build ... [ more ]

  • Sexy Short Stories - Playing with Myself

    Sexy Short Stories - Playing with Myself

    Genre: Romance,Erotica,Contemporary
    Author: Jenny Ainslie-Turner
    Duration: 00:06:00

    Written and narrated by reality TV star and phone chat queen Jenny Ainslie-Turner, this is the fifth title in House of Erotica's Sexy Short Stories collection. In Playing with Myself, Jenny's imagination runs riot in a highly charged sexual story which contains extremely explicit adult sexual langu ... [ more ]