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  • Wild Love

    Wild Love

    Genre: Romance,Erotica,Contemporary,Paranormal & Fantasy,Contemporary
    Author: Alisa Woods
    Duration: 05:23:06

    SWIPE RIGHT FOR WILDLOVE! She programs a dating app for shifters. He's an ex-Army shifter with a dark secret. Their worlds are about to collide. Noah Wilding's family is being targeted by an anti-shifter hate group, so he took a medical leave from the Army to return home and help out. At least, that ... [ more ]

  • Wild Heat

    Wild Heat

    Genre: Romance,Erotica,Contemporary,Paranormal & Fantasy,Contemporary
    Author: Alisa Woods
    Duration: 05:25:52

    He's a hot cop. She's a wild artist. Making art has never been so dangerously SEXY. Kaden Grant is well aware that the Seattle Police Department is no friend of shifters. But when the Mayor's favorite artist is targeted by the local hate-fanatic, he orders protective custody for her, and Kaden is de ... [ more ]

  • 120 days of Sodom

    120 days of Sodom

    Genre: Erotica,Historical
    Author: Marquis De Sade
    Duration: 03:15:00

    The 120 Days of Sodom is the most impure tale that has ever been told since our world began. It was written by the Marquis de Sade, in the space of 37 days, while imprisoned in the Bastille. Fearing confiscation, he had to write it on a continuous roll of paper, made up of small pieces glued togethe ... [ more ]

  • All Five of You?

    All Five of You?

    Genre: Erotica,Contemporary
    Author: June Stevens
    Duration: 00:17:00

    Kandace is worried about being out late at night in the city streets, and when she's confronted by five men eager for her attention, her worries are justified. Why then, is she more worried about her sister? Why, even as she's forced to take all of the men on at once, with deep throat, semen swallow ... [ more ]

  • Hot Wives In The Hot Tub

    Hot Wives In The Hot Tub

    Genre: Erotica,Contemporary
    Author: Cindy Jameson
    Duration: 00:16:00

    Carole's husband Carl has been saving up for years to get a new hot tub. He just got it set up and wants to show it off to his friend Mark and his hot wife Cindy. Carole knows that her husband has the hots for Cindy because of the way that he always looks at her. Carole doesn't mind though because s ... [ more ]

  • When Mark Had Me

    When Mark Had Me

    Genre: Erotica,Contemporary
    Author: Connie Hastings
    Duration: 00:13:00

    I’d dated Mark for quite a while but I was finally ready to let him go all the way. It was just wonderful, better than I could have ever hoped. Then Mark did something nobody had ever done to me. He repositioned and I suddenly understood he was going to take my untouched ass. I never thought my firs ... [ more ]

  • Threesome With the Babysitter

    Threesome With the Babysitter

    Genre: Erotica,Contemporary
    Author: Sarah Blitz
    Duration: 00:14:00

    Josie considered her next door neighbors Zelda and Mark the parents that she didn't have. She confided all of her deepest secrets in them. Apparently as she finds out, they weren't as forthcoming with their sharing until her 18th birthday. Josie decides to ditch her own party to help out her neighbo ... [ more ]

  • Strip Club Gangbang

    Strip Club Gangbang

    Genre: Erotica,Contemporary
    Author: Mary Ann James
    Duration: 00:17:00

    When her husband left her, she didn't feel sexy anymore, so on a whim she decided to go to amateur night at a strip club. For an amateur, she sure takes it like a pro! She gets five guys off, and she has her first anal sex and her first double penetration in an all-out gangbang sex extravaganza! ... [ more ]

  • My Best Friend, Her Husband, and My Birthday

    My Best Friend, Her Husband, and My Birthday

    Genre: Erotica,Contemporary
    Author: Ericka Cole
    Duration: 00:14:00

    Angi was always planning surprises, so I knew something was up when she had me come over. I was disappointed to learn she’d be gone for my birthday but she insisted on giving me my birthday present right then. Who would have thought that birthday present would be a threesome with her husband? It was ... [ more ]

  • My Husbands Slut Wife

    My Husbands Slut Wife

    Genre: Erotica,Contemporary
    Author: DP Backhaus
    Duration: 00:20:00

    It's been five years of marriage, and on this anniversary, things are going to be extra special. That's because this celebration is going to be more than dinner, flowers, and jewelry. On this anniversary, a nice sweet bride is turning into a complete and utter slut wife, and she's giving the perfect ... [ more ]

  • Million Tiny Pieces

    Million Tiny Pieces

    Genre: Erotica,Contemporary,Erotica,Contemporary,Erotica,Contemporary
    Author: Nicole Edwards
    Duration: 13:51:00

    Mia Cantrell is happy to be rid of her lying, cheating ex-husband. With her divorce final, Mia is moving on, grasping the reins of life once more. She’s learning to deal with the shattered remains while putting one foot in front of the other, taking control of her own decisions, and ultimately livin ... [ more ]

  • Abbie Gets Her Ticket Punched

    Abbie Gets Her Ticket Punched

    Genre: Erotica,Contemporary
    Author: Emmannuelle Blue
    Duration: 00:20:00

    Abbie is a 19 year old blonde student on her gap year. After seven years in a convent school, Abbie is desparate for fun and hot sex. This is the first in a series of erotic short stories, recounting her sizzling adventures as she shags her way across an entire continent. In a no-holes-barred first ... [ more ]

  • Topping From Below: A Novel

    Topping From Below: A Novel

    Genre: Erotica,Contemporary
    Author: Laura Reese
    Duration: 12:41:00

    Successful, attractive, and in control, Nora seemed so different from her shy, terribly vulnerable younger sister. Grieving for Franny, Nora reads her diary and is stunned when it reveals a secret sadomasochistic affair with a mysterious professor known only as M. Nora vows to seek justice for the s ... [ more ]

  • Kissin' Tell

    Kissin' Tell

    Genre: Erotica,Contemporary
    Author: Lorelei James
    Duration: 12:48:00

    She once led him around by a string. Now he's the one holding the reins. Rough Riders, Book 13. Georgia Hotchkiss swore wild horses couldn’t drag her back to Sundance, Wyoming. So it’s ironic she’s forced to take a rodeo PR job in her former hometown—right before her ten-year class reunion. The only ... [ more ]

  • Mastered by Love: A Bastion Club Novel

    Mastered by Love: A Bastion Club Novel

    Genre: Erotica,Contemporary
    Author: Stephanie Laurens
    Duration: 15:35:00

    The men of the Bastion Club proved their bravery secretly fighting for their country. Now their leader faces the most dangerous mission of all: finding a bride. As the mysterious leader of the Bastion Club, known as Dalziel, Royce Varisey, tenth Duke of Wolverstone, served his country for decad ... [ more ]

  • Shoulda Been a Cowboy

    Shoulda Been a Cowboy

    Genre: Erotica,Contemporary
    Author: Lorelei James
    Duration: 10:59:00

    The bigger they are, the harder they fall—in love. Rough Riders, Book 7. Soldier Cameron McKay has found his niche, and it ain’t ropin’ steers and wearin’ spurs. His deputy sheriff job, plus battle injuries that ended his military career, keep him right where he wants to be: Off the ranch and away f ... [ more ]

  • Between the Sheets

    Between the Sheets

    Genre: Erotica,Anthologies
    Author: Penthouse Magazine Editors
    Duration: 08:55:00

    Is it any wonder that the world’s number-one writers of erotic fiction have found a home in the world’s number-one magazine of erotic entertainment? Now, from the pages of Penthouse, come thirty-six torrid tales that give new meaning to the words “bedtime stories.” From the lingerie dressing room th ... [ more ]

  • Girl in 6E

    Girl in 6E

    Genre: Romance,Erotica,Mystery,Contemporary
    Author: A. X. Torre
    Duration: 08:08:00

    Enter a world equal parts Dexter and 50 Shades in this first, award winning erotic thriller from A.R. Torre! My life is simple, as long as I follow the rules. 1. Don't leave the apartment. 2. Never let anyone in. 3. Don't kill anyone. I've obeyed these rules for three years. But rules were ... [ more ]

  • Tied Up, Tied Down

    Tied Up, Tied Down

    Genre: Erotica,Contemporary
    Author: Lorelei James
    Duration: 09:28:00

    The strongest bonds are the ones unseen Rough Riders series Businesswoman Skylar Ellison is firmly in control of her life. So getting tangled up with a sexy Wyoming cowboy-and conceiving a baby in the parking lot of a honky-tonk-wasn't in her plan. Since it appears the daddy has taken off for greene ... [ more ]

  • SECRET Shared: A SECRET Novel

    SECRET Shared: A SECRET Novel

    Genre: Romance,Erotica,Romantica,Contemporary,Romance,Erotica,Romantica,Contemporary
    Author: L. Marie Adeline
    Duration: 07:56:00

    The hotly anticipated sequel to the erotic sensation S.E.C.R.E.T., where women’s sexual fantasies become reality Still wounded from a recent heartbreak over her boss and lover, Will, Cassie Robichaud throws herself into service with S.E.C.R.E.T., the mysterious organization that changed her fo ... [ more ]