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  • Short Stories: The Vintage Collection

    Short Stories: The Vintage Collection

    Genre: Literature,Short Stories
    Author: Various Authors
    Duration: 07:43:00

    The fifth volume in CSA Word's massively popular complete and unabridged 'Short Stories' collection is bound to please. With something for everyone this collection of classic stories read by only the best-suited and most established readers will delight the ears as a vintage wine excites the gullet; ... [ more ]

  • Tao Te Ching

    Tao Te Ching

    Genre: History,Literature,Philosophy,Asia
    Author: Lao Tzu
    Duration: 01:30:00

    Like many other philosophical writings, the Tao Te Ching is a timeless Chinese treasure. The ancient writings are credited to Lao Tzu, although some believe them to be authored by a number of persons writing under the Lao Tzu pen name. Nevertheless, this abridged audio version gives the listene ... [ more ]

  • Head Over Heels

    Head Over Heels

    Genre: Romance,Fiction,Literature,Novels,Chick Lit
    Author: Jill Shalvis
    Duration: 08:53:00

    Breaking rules and breaking hearts Free-spirited Chloe lives life on the edge. Unlike her soon-to-be married sisters, she isn't ready to settle into a quiet life running their family's newly renovated inn. But soon her love of trouble--and trouble with love-draws the attention of the very stern, ve ... [ more ]

  • Stolen White Elephant

    Stolen White Elephant

    Genre: Literature,Classics,Novels
    Author: Mark Twain
    Duration: 00:52:00

    While many elements of civilized culture provided much comic fodder for Mark Twain, detectives occupied a portion of his observations and writing for a time. The story of the Stolen White Elephant, though entirely preposterous, is rumored to be modeled after real life efforts of an actual police dep ... [ more ]

  • Nix


    Genre: Fiction,Literature,Historical Fiction,Novels,Modern Fiction
    Author: Nathan Hill
    Duration: 21:44:33

    NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERThe Nix is a mother-son psychodrama with ghosts and politics, but it's also a tragicomedy about anger and sanctimony in America. . . . Nathan Hill is a maestro. John Irving From the suburban Midwest to New York City to the 1968 riots that rocked Chicago and beyond, The ... [ more ]

  • Aleph


    Genre: Romance,Literature,Novels,Romantica
    Author: Paulo Coelho
    Duration: 08:31:00

    Transform your life. Rewrite your destiny. In his most personal novel to date, internationally best-selling author Paulo Coelho returns with a remarkable journey of self-discovery. Like the main character in his much-beloved The Alchemist, Paulo is facing a grave crisis of faith. As he seeks a ... [ more ]

  • 206 Bones

    206 Bones

    Genre: Fiction,Mystery & Thriller,Suspense,Thriller,Literature,Novels
    Author: Kathy Reichs
    Duration: 10:13:00

    There are 206 bones in the human body. Forensic anthropologists know them intimately, can read in them stories of brief or long lives and use them to reconstruct every kind of violent end. 206 Bones opens with Tempe regaining consciousness and discovering that she is in some kind of very small, very ... [ more ]

  • Forbidden Falls

    Forbidden Falls

    Genre: Romance,Fiction,Literature,Novels,Chick Lit,General,Chick Lit
    Author: Robyn Carr
    Duration: 12:25:00

    Best-selling novelist Robyn Carr continues her popular Virgin River series with Forbidden Falls. Recently ordained minister Noah Kincaid is used to taking on new challenges, so he has no problem tackling the renovation of the long-abandoned Virgin River church. But that's before he meets the st ... [ more ]

  • Decadence


    Genre: Fiction,Thriller,Literature,Novels,General
    Author: Eric Jerome Dickey
    Duration: 14:36:00

    Four years have passed since the events of Pleasure, and Nia's success as a writer has grown, bringing her from Atlanta to Los Angeles. But she remains on a quest to quiet her inner storm, to draw on her well of emotions and explore them fully before leaving this season of her life and moving on to ... [ more ]

  • Redwood Bend

    Redwood Bend

    Genre: Romance,Fiction,Literature,Novels,Chick Lit,General,Chick Lit
    Author: Robyn Carr
    Duration: 09:36:00

    New York Times best-selling author Robyn Carr continues to charm fans with touching tales of romance in the small town of Virgin River. Redwood Bend finds Katie Malone and her twin boys stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire. Katie is struggling to put on the spare when Dylan Childress and h ... [ more ]

  • Justify My Thug: The Thug Series, Book 6

    Justify My Thug: The Thug Series, Book 6

    Genre: Fiction,Relationships,Literature,Novels,Chick Lit,Fiction,Relationships,Literature,Novels,Chick Lit
    Author: Wahida Clark
    Duration: 07:57:00

    This continuation of a bestselling, much loved series brings new drama and action. Old fans will devour this new installment and new fans will discover Wahida Clark's sexy, dangerous, and intriguing work for the first time.Justify My Thug continues the scintillating drama of Clark's bestse ... [ more ]

  • Blue Fairy Book

    Blue Fairy Book

    Genre: Poetry,Literature
    Author: Andrew Lang
    Duration: 01:24:00

    This book is a collection of traditional tales. The collection was assembled by Scottish folklorist Andrew Lang although authorship of the stories is unknown. Lang published several collections of traditional tales, collectively known as Andrew Lang's Fairy Books. ... [ more ]

  • Happy Prince

    Happy Prince

    Genre: Fiction,Literature,Classics,Classic Fiction
    Author: Oscar Wilde
    Duration: 00:23:00

    This story is from the book the Happy Prince and other Stories. In these tales, most of them being sad and even very sad, Oscar Wilde looks for a way to save one's soul in front of the misery of the world. In these tales the character will manage to obtain their salvation from their upper class blin ... [ more ]

  • Changing Faces

    Changing Faces

    Genre: Fiction,Relationships,Literature,Novels,Chick Lit,Chick Lit,Fiction,Relationships,Literature,Novels,Chick Lit,Chick Lit,Fiction,Relationships,Literature,Novels,Chick Lit,Chick Lit
    Author: Kimberla Lawson Roby
    Duration: 05:33:00

    Meet Whitney, Taylor, and Charisse, three women who have been best friends since high school. Whitney is a plus-size woman who just can't turn down a box of Krispy Kremes or find a man who will stay put. Taylor is in a long-term relationship with a boyfriend who's allergic to commitment. ... [ more ]

  • Little Friend

    Little Friend

    Genre: Fiction,Literature,Novels,General
    Author: Donna Tartt
    Duration: 06:05:00

    The hugely anticipated new novel by the author of The Secret History a best-seller nationwide and around the world, and one of the most astonishing debuts in recent times The Little Friend is even more transfixing and resonant.In a small Mississippi town, Harriet Cleve Dusfresnes grows up in the sha ... [ more ]

  • More than Friends

    More than Friends

    Genre: Romance,Literature,Novels,Chick Lit
    Author: Barbara Delinsky
    Duration: 04:48:00

    Friendship, love, and forgiveness... The Maxwells and the Popes have been friends forever. The women were college roommates, their husbands are partners in the same law firm, their kids have grown up next door to each other, and the two families share both vacations and holidays. Like Wist ... [ more ]

  • Shadow of Your Smile

    Shadow of Your Smile

    Genre: Fiction,Mystery & Thriller,Relationships,Literature,Novels,Chick Lit,Chick Lit
    Author: Mary Clark
    Duration: 08:54:00

    In The Shadow of Your Smile, worldwide bestselling author Mary Higgins Clark weaves a spellbinding thriller revolving around a long-held family secret that threatens to emerge and take the life of an unsuspecting heiress. At age eighty-two and in failing health, Olivia Morrow knows she has litt ... [ more ]

  • Tenth Justice

    Tenth Justice

    Genre: Fiction,Literature,Novels,Legal Thriller,General
    Author: Brad Meltzer
    Duration: 14:16:00

    A conscientious supreme court clerk. The professionals who share his house. A minor slip-up. Ben Addison, fresh from Yale Law, is a new clerk for one of the Supreme Court's most respected justices. But when he accidentally reveals the secret outcome of an upcoming decision, a blackmailer makes ... [ more ]

  • Casey at the Bat

    Casey at the Bat

    Genre: Poetry,Literature
    Author: Ernest Lawrence Thayer
    Duration: 00:04:00

    The Mudville Nine's star player is their only hope for winning the game. ... [ more ]

  • Quotations of Mahatma Gandhi

    Quotations of Mahatma Gandhi

    Genre: Literature,Essays and Anthologies
    Author: Mohandas K. (Mahatma) Gandhi
    Duration: 00:29:00

    Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, commonly known around the world as Mahatma Gandhi, was a major political and spiritual leader of India and the Indian independence movement. Gandhi was the pioneer of Satyagraha - resistance to tyranny through mass civil disobedience, firmly founded upon total non-violenc ... [ more ]