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  • Colder War

    Colder War

    Genre: Mystery & Thriller,Suspense,Espionage
    Author: Charles Cumming
    Duration: 12:05:00

    Internationally acclaimed as a premier writer of espionage thrillers (USA Today), Charles Cumming is among the most skillful spy novelists (Washington Post) and a worthy successor to the John le Carre and Len Deighton (Chicago Sun-Times). Now, with A COLDER WAR, Cumming returns with M ... [ more ]

  • Precipice: A Novel

    Precipice: A Novel

    Genre: Mystery & Thriller,Suspense
    Author: Paul Doiron
    Duration: 09:25:00

    When two young female hikers disappear in the Hundred Mile Wildernessthe most remote stretch along the entire two-thousand mile Appalachian TrailMaine game warden Mike Bowditch joins the search to find them. The police interview everyone they can find who came in contact with the college students an ... [ more ]

  • Outfoxed


    Genre: Mystery & Thriller,Suspense
    Author: David Rosenfelt
    Duration: 07:19:00

    Defense lawyer Andy Carpenter spends as much time as he can working on his true passion, the Tara Foundation, the dog rescue organization he runs. Lately, Andy has been especially involved in a county prison program where inmates help train dogs the Tara Foundation has rescued to make them more adop ... [ more ]

  • Under Orders

    Under Orders

    Genre: Mystery & Thriller,Suspense
    Author: Dick Francis
    Duration: 09:55:00

    Sadly, death at the races is not uncommon. However, three in a single afternoon was sufficiently unusual to raise more than one eyebrow. It's the third death on Cheltenham Gold Cup Day that really troubles super-sleuth Sid Halley. Last seen in 1995's Come to Grief, former champion jockey Halley know ... [ more ]

  • Black Monday

    Black Monday

    Genre: Mystery & Thriller,Suspense
    Author: R. Scott Reiss
    Duration: 12:07:00

    A Muslim cleric predicts planes will fall from the sky, and America braces for a terrorist attack. But when the prediction proves true, the real cause is far more terrifying: a microbe that eats oil, effectively destroying all gas-operated mechanisms and bringing the world's economy to a crashing ha ... [ more ]

  • Thunderland


    Genre: Fiction,Mystery & Thriller,Suspense,Thriller,Literature,Suspense,Novels,General
    Author: Brandon Massey
    Duration: 10:04:00

    This riveting novel won the 2000 Gold Pen Award for Best Thriller from the Black Writers alliance. Jason Brooks thinks his worst problem is his parents'until some unexplainable things begin to happen. After a nightmare that he can't seem to recall, Jason finds a sign on the bathroom mirror ... [ more ]

  • Killer Pancake

    Killer Pancake

    Genre: Fiction,Mystery & Thriller,Suspense,General
    Author: Diane Mott Davidson
    Duration: 11:15:36

    Diane Mott Davidson, author of the best-selling culinary mystery series, once again successfully melds a robust murder mystery with a collection of fine gourmet recipes. In Killer Pancake, amateur sleuth Goldy faces her toughest challenge yet. While catering a cosmetics company luncheon, Goldy witne ... [ more ]

  • Egyptologist


    Genre: Fiction,Mystery & Thriller,Suspense,Historical Fiction,Classic Detectives
    Author: Arthur Phillips
    Duration: 16:19:00

    New York Times best-selling author Arthur Phillips displays his gift for brilliantly constructed and imaginative tales. King Tut's tomb has been discovered, but Egyptologist Ralph Trilipush finds himself in a far less spectacular position when he stakes everything on a scrap of hieroglyphic por ... [ more ]

  • Winter in Madrid

    Winter in Madrid

    Genre: Mystery & Thriller,Suspense,Literature,Novels
    Author: C.J. Sansom
    Duration: 22:03:00

    Best-selling British author C.J. Sansom has been awarded the Ellis Peters Historical Dagger Award. Winter in Madrid is set just after the bloody Spanish Civil War, with World War II looming over Europe. Reluctantly, Harry Brett looks for an old schoolmate who's become a person of interest for Britis ... [ more ]

  • In the Land of Milk and Honey

    In the Land of Milk and Honey

    Genre: Mystery & Thriller,Women Detectives
    Author: Jane Jensen
    Duration: 06:58:26

    Evil lurks in Amish Country-and detective Elizabeth Harris is there to smoke it out in the new novel from the author of Kingdom Come. By solving the murders of two local girls, Elizabeth has gained some trust in the Amish community. So, she's the first person its members turn to when a fast and fat ... [ more ]

  • Drawn in Blood

    Drawn in Blood

    Genre: Fiction,Mystery & Thriller,Police Stories,Action & Adventure
    Author: Andrea Kane
    Duration: 13:28:00

    Former FBI Special Agent Sloane Burbank has seen her share of danger. She's faced down a serial killer and survived life-threatening injuries . . . but she never expected that danger to invade the lives of her family. . . . Then her mother is viciously attacked in the posh Manhattan apartment her pa ... [ more ]

  • Ready to Die

    Ready to Die

    Genre: Romance,Mystery & Thriller,Women Detectives,Mystery
    Author: Lisa Jackson
    Duration: 07:02:00

    When Detective Regan Pescoli drives to Sheriff Dan Grayson’s house to present her resignation, she’s prepared for an argument. She’s not expecting to find Grayson shot and bleeding out on the frozen ground. The assassination attempt leaves Grayson barely clinging to life and the entire police depart ... [ more ]

  • Murder at the Foul Line

    Murder at the Foul Line

    Genre: Mystery & Thriller,Suspense,Suspense,Classic Detectives,Series,Mystery & Thriller,Suspense,Suspense,Classic Detectives,Series
    Author: Otto Penzler
    Duration: 11:00:00

    When murder, mystery and suspense are thrown onto the court, basketball can become a deadly game. Amazing athletic displays, astronomical salaries, outrageous bets, rich and famous owners, coaches, managers and groupies...all are part of the game of hoops and appear in this collection, the fifth in ... [ more ]

  • Old Fox Deceived

    Old Fox Deceived

    Genre: Fiction,Mystery & Thriller,Suspense,General
    Author: Martha Grimes
    Duration: 09:46:00

    It is a chill and foggy Twelfth Night, wild with North Sea wind, when a bizarre murder disturbs the outward piece of Rackmoor, a tiny Yorkshire fishing village with a past that proves a tangled maze of unrequited loves, unrevenged wrongs, and even undiscovered murders. Inspector Jury finds no e ... [ more ]

  • Creeps: A Samuel Johnson Tale

    Creeps: A Samuel Johnson Tale

    Genre: Mystery & Thriller,Suspense
    Author: John Connolly
    Duration: 08:41:00

    In this clever and quirky follow-up to THE GATES and THE INFERNALS, Samuel's life seems to have finally settled—after all, he’s still got the company of his faithful dachshund Boswell and bumbling demon friend Nurd, has foiled the forces of hell not once, but twice, and he’s finally gone on a date w ... [ more ]

  • Sycamore Row

    Sycamore Row

    Genre: Mystery & Thriller,Suspense
    Author: John Grisham
    Duration: 20:47:45

    In the long-awaited successor to the novel that launched his phenomenal career, John Grisham brings us the powerful sequel to A Time to Kill. As filled with page-turning twists as it is with legal mastery, Sycamore Row proves beyond doubt that John Grisham is in a league of his own. Jake Brigan ... [ more ]

  • Snow Angels

    Snow Angels

    Genre: Fiction,Mystery & Thriller,Suspense,General
    Author: James Thompson
    Duration: 08:31:00

    The first book of James Thompson's Inspector Vaara series won immediate critical acclaim for a sterling tale set in the brutal cold and soul-testing isolation of kaamos, Finland's two weeks of utter darkness. Even as the unrelenting winter conditions tighten their grip on the residents of ... [ more ]

  • Burial at Sea

    Burial at Sea

    Genre: Mystery & Thriller,Suspense,Series
    Author: Charles Finch
    Duration: 09:02:00

    Book 5 in the Charles Lenox Mysteries series. Eighteen seventy-three is a perilous time in the relationship between France and England. When a string of English spies is found dead on French soil, the threat of all-out war prompts government officials to ask Charles Lenox to visit the newly-dug ... [ more ]

  • Murder on the House

    Murder on the House

    Genre: Mystery & Thriller,Women Detectives,Paranormal & Fantasy
    Author: Juliet Blackwell
    Duration: 07:04:00

    Mel Turner, a contractor with a supernatural gift, must solve a mystery at a haunted bed-and-breakfast in the latest installment of Juliet Blackwell's Haunted Home Renovation series. Word has spread that contractor Mel Turner can communicate with the spirits of the dead, and she's having a hard ... [ more ]

  • Enemy


    Genre: Mystery & Thriller,Suspense
    Author: Tom Wood
    Duration: 15:00:00

    Victor, a former hired assassin, finds himself drawn into a dangerous world of conspiracy in Tom Wood's latest novel. Victor, a former assassin-for-hire, has joined forces with a CIA special unit. His first assignment: Three strangers. Three hits. Fast and clean. Victor's a natural for this. ... [ more ]