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  • Battle for America, 2008

    Battle for America, 2008

    Genre: NonFiction,Politics
    Author: Dan Balz
    Duration: 17:09:00

    The election of 2008 shattered political barriers, illuminated undercurrents of race, gender, and class, and ignited an extraordinary battle among some of the most formidable rivals ever to seek the presidency in Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John McCain. It was an election that played out agai ... [ more ]

  • Pakistan on the Brink

    Pakistan on the Brink

    Genre: NonFiction,Science & Technology,Social Science
    Author: Ahmed Rashid
    Duration: 08:11:00

    What are the possibilities- and hazards-facing America as it withdraws from Afghanistan and reviews its long engagement in Pakistan? Where is the Taliban now in both of these countries? What does the immediate future hold, and what are America's choices going forward? These are some of the crucial q ... [ more ]

  • Vocabulary Energizers: Volume 2

    Vocabulary Energizers: Volume 2

    Genre: Juvenile & Children's,NonFiction,Children's,Ages 6 to 8
    Author: David Popkin
    Duration: 03:19:00

    This book builds vocabulary by presenting the fascinating histories behind those words we need for more effective communication and comprehension. Focusing on a core of 100 words and their background stories, the author links these words with hundreds of synonyms and antonyms. Greek and Latin word p ... [ more ]

  • D. H. Lawrence in 90 Minutes

    D. H. Lawrence in 90 Minutes

    Genre: NonFiction,Literature,Classics
    Author: Paul Strathern
    Duration: 01:54:00

    By the end of his life, D. H. Lawrence had despaired of Western civilization, which he felt had corrupted and weakened the human spirit. He believed that we had somehow lost touch with our instinctual being and no longer responded to the true voice of our blood. His works were an attempt to revive a ... [ more ]

  • Tea Party Manifesto: A Vision for an American Rebirth

    Tea Party Manifesto: A Vision for an American Rebirth

    Genre: History,NonFiction,Politics,North American,Politics
    Author: Joseph Farah
    Duration: 01:50:00

    The Tea Party movement is the most dynamic and powerful grassroots political movement witnessed by modern-day America. It arose spontaneously'and in the nick of time'to save this country from an advancing, fatal drift away from self-government, liberty, and the promise of greater prosperit ... [ more ]

  • How to Watch TV News

    How to Watch TV News

    Genre: NonFiction,Selfhelp,Health, Mind, Body & Soul,Politics,NonFiction,Selfhelp,Health, Mind, Body & Soul,Politics
    Author: Neil Postman, Steve Powers
    Duration: 04:31:00

    America is suffering from an information glut. Most Americans are no longer clear about what news is worth remembering or how any of it connects to anything else. Thus, Americans are rapidly becoming the least knowledgeable people in the industrial world. In How to Watch TV News, author and aca ... [ more ]

  • Under the Sea Wind

    Under the Sea Wind

    Genre: NonFiction,Environment
    Author: Rachel L. Carson
    Duration: 06:40:00

    The special mystery and beauty of the sea is the setting for Rachel Carson's memorable portrait of the sea birds and sea creatures that inhabit the eastern coasts of North America. In a sequence of riveting adventures along the shore, within the open sea, and down in the twilight depths, Rachel ... [ more ]

  • Fighting for Air: The Battle to Control America's Media

    Fighting for Air: The Battle to Control America's Media

    Genre: NonFiction,Politics,Environment
    Author: Eric Klinenberg
    Duration: 11:17:00

    This groundbreaking investigative work by a critically acclaimed sociologist exposes the corporate takeover of local news and what it means for all Americans. Early in the morning of January 18, 2002, a train derailment near Minot, North Dakota sent a cloud of poisonous gas drifting toward the ... [ more ]

  • Speed of Sound

    Speed of Sound

    Genre: History,NonFiction,World,North American
    Author: Scott Eyman
    Duration: 13:41:00

    It was the end of an era. It was a turbulent, colorful, and altogether remarkable period, four short years in which America's most popular industry reinvented itself. Here is the epic story of the transition from silent films to talkies, that moment when movies were totally transformed and ... [ more ]

  • Knowledge and Power: The Information Theory of Capitalism and How It Is Revolutionizing Our World

    Knowledge and Power: The Information Theory of Capitalism and How It Is Revolutionizing Our World

    Genre: NonFiction,Politics
    Author: George Gilder
    Duration: 10:12:00

    Just when our economy desperately needs a new direction, Ronald Reagan’s most quoted living author—George Gilder—is back with an all-new paradigm-shifting theory of capitalism that will upturn conventional wisdom. America’s struggling economy needs a better philosophy than the college student’s ... [ more ]

  • A Rare Recording of Padre Pio

    A Rare Recording of Padre Pio

    Genre: Religion & Spirituality,NonFiction,Exclusive Interviews,Prayer & Meditation
    Author: Padre Pio
    Duration: 00:03:00

    Recording obtained and published by Rick Sheridan. This is a rare live recording of Francesco Forgione, or Padre Pio, a Capuchin priest from Italy and one of the world's most popular saints. There are more than 3,000 Padre Pio Prayer Groups worldwide, with over three million members. Recordin ... [ more ]

  • Bait and Switch: The (Futile) Pursuit of the American Dream

    Bait and Switch: The (Futile) Pursuit of the American Dream

    Genre: NonFiction,Politics
    Author: Barbara Ehrenreich
    Duration: 06:52:00

    The bestselling author of Nickel and Dimed goes back undercover to do for America's ailing middle class what she did for the working poor. Barbara Ehrenreich's Nickel and Dimed explored the lives of low-wage workers. Now, in BAIT AND SWITCH, she enters another hidden realm of the economy-the world ... [ more ]

  • My Life as a Traitor: An Iranian Memoir

    My Life as a Traitor: An Iranian Memoir

    Genre: Biographies,NonFiction,Memoir,Survival
    Author: Zarah Ghahramani
    Duration: 07:55:00

    Zarah Ghahramani was born in Tehran in 1981, two years after Ayatollah Khomeini returned to Iran to establish the Islamic Republic. Her life changed suddenly in 2001 when, after having taken part in student demonstrations, she was arrested—literally snatched off the street by secret police—and charg ... [ more ]

  • Plastic


    Genre: NonFiction,Science & Technology,Life Science & Environment,Environment
    Author: Susan Freinkel
    Duration: 10:16:00

    Plastic built the modern world. Where would we be without bike helmets, baggies, toothbrushes, and pacemakers? But a century into our love affair with plastic, we're starting to realize it's not such a healthy relationship. Plastics draw dwindling fossil fuels, leach harmful chemicals, litter landsc ... [ more ]

  • Extra Virginity

    Extra Virginity

    Genre: Cooking,NonFiction,Health, Mind, Body & Soul
    Author: Tom Mueller
    Duration: 10:13:00

    For millennia, fresh olive oil has been a necessity - for food, medicine, beauty, and religion. Today's researchers continue to confirm the remarkable, life-giving properties of true extra-virgin, and 'extra-virgin Italian' has become the highest standard of quality. But what if this symbol of purit ... [ more ]

  • Commentaries on the Laws of England (1765)

    Commentaries on the Laws of England (1765)

    Genre: NonFiction,Law
    Author: William Blackstone
    Duration: 17:56:29

    The Commentaries on the Laws of England are an influential 18th century treatise on the common law of England by Sir William Blackstone, originally published by the Clarendon Press at Oxford, 1765-1769. ... [ more ]

  • Hind Swaraj or Indian Home Rule

    Hind Swaraj or Indian Home Rule

    Genre: NonFiction,Environment
    Author: Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
    Duration: 03:23:33

    First written in Gandhi's native language Gujarati, this booklet advocates for Indian non-violent self-rule during the struggle for Indian independence against the British Empire. It is written as a dialogue between two characters. In it, the Reader serves as a typical Indian countryman (the targete ... [ more ]

  • School Book of Forestry

    School Book of Forestry

    Genre: NonFiction,Environment
    Author: Charles Lathrop Pack
    Duration: 02:57:53

    Written by a third-generation timberman, this book discusses what forests are, their primary enemies, and their benefits to others. Additionally, mention is made of the U.S. National Forest system. - Summary by Khand ... [ more ]

  • Eat that Frog!  How to Get Everything You Want- Faster than You Ever Thought Possible

    Eat that Frog! How to Get Everything You Want- Faster than You Ever Thought Possible

    Genre: NonFiction,Selfhelp
    Author: Brian Tracy
    Duration: 02:42:00

    Based on more than 20 years of research and speaking to more than 2 million business leaders throughout the world, this book synthesizes the best and most practical techniques for setting and achieving personal and financial goals. Tracy, who has consulted with more than 500 corporations, including ... [ more ]

  • Mindful Therapist

    Mindful Therapist

    Genre: NonFiction,Science & Technology,Biology & Chemistry,Psychology
    Author: Daniel J. Siegel
    Duration: 12:15:00

    Research suggests that the presence of the therapist, and how the therapist truly forges a connection with the client in therapy, are the most crucial factors affecting the client's healing process. An engaged, committed, caring therapist who is mindful of his or her own self - and how that self rel ... [ more ]