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  • Queen of Sorcery

    Queen of Sorcery

    Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy,Science Fiction
    Author: David Eddings
    Duration: 12:05:00

    Belgarath & his daughter are on the trail of the Orb, seeking to regain it before the final disaster. ... [ more ]

  • Battlefield Earth Special Edition

    Battlefield Earth Special Edition

    Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy,Science Fiction
    Author: L. Ron Hubbard
    Duration: 47:32:00

    NY TIMES BESTSELLING EPIC SF ADVENTURE: WILL HUMANKIND SURVIVE THIS ALIEN INVASION? Battlefield Earth is a science fiction saga of adventure, daring and courage, when man is an endangered species and the future survival of what's left of the human race is at stake. In the year 3000 AD, ... [ more ]

  • People that Time Forgot

    People that Time Forgot

    Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy,Science Fiction
    Author: Edgar Rice Burroughs
    Duration: 03:50:00

    The People that Time Forgot is a science fiction novel, the second of Edgar Rice Burroughs' Caspak trilogy. The first novel ended with the hero writing a manuscript of his adventures and casting it out to sea in his thermos bottle. The second novel begins with the finding of the manuscript and the o ... [ more ]

  • Brave New World

    Brave New World

    Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy,Fiction,Classics
    Author: Aldous Huxley
    Duration: 08:02:00

    On the 75th anniversary of its publication, this outstanding work of literature is more crucial and relevant today than ever before. Cloning, feel-good drugs, anti-aging programs, and total social control through politics, programming and media--has Aldous Huxley accurately predicted our future? Wit ... [ more ]

  • Crown of Swords: Book Seven of 'The Wheel of Time'

    Crown of Swords: Book Seven of 'The Wheel of Time'

    Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy,Fantasy,Science Fiction & Fantasy,Fantasy
    Author: Robert Jordan
    Duration: 30:31:00

    From the #1 New York Times bestselling author comes the audio edition of Volume Seven in the blockbuster Wheel of Time series. ... [ more ]

  • Witch Wraith: The Dark Legacy of Shannara

    Witch Wraith: The Dark Legacy of Shannara

    Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy,Science Fiction,Fiction,Action & Adventure
    Author: Terry Brooks
    Duration: 15:44:00

    From New York Times bestselling author Terry Brooks comes the final thrilling novel in a brand-new trilogy—The Dark Legacy of Shannara! For centuries the Four Lands enjoyed freedom from its demon-haunted past, protected by magic-enhanced borders from the dark dimension known as the Forbidding ... [ more ]

  • Memnoch the Devil: The Vampire Chronicles

    Memnoch the Devil: The Vampire Chronicles

    Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy,Fantasy
    Author: Anne Rice
    Duration: 15:34:47

    STARTLING. . . FIENDISH. . . MEMNOCH'S TALE IS COMPELLING.--New York Daily NewsLike Interview With the Vampire, Memnoch has a half-maddened, fever-pitch intensity. . . Narrated by Rice's most cherished character, the vampire Lestat, Memnoch tells a tale as old as Scripture's legends and as modern as ... [ more ]

  • Hexed


    Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy,Science Fiction
    Author: Kevin Hearne
    Duration: 08:54:00

    Atticus O'Sullivan, last of the Druids, doesn't care much for witches. Still, he's about to make nice with the local coven by signing a mutually beneficial nonaggression treaty when suddenly the witch population in modern-day Tempe, Arizona, quadruples overnight. And the new girls are not just bad, ... [ more ]

  • Taker


    Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy,Fiction,Historical Fiction
    Author: Alma Katsu
    Duration: 14:51:00

    True love can last an eternity . . . but immortality comes at a price. . . . On the midnight shift at a hospital in rural Maine, Dr. Luke Findley is expecting another quiet evening of frostbite and the occasional domestic dispute. But the minute Lanore McIlvrae'Lanny'walks into his ER ... [ more ]

  • Toll the Hounds

    Toll the Hounds

    Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy,Fantasy
    Author: Steven Erikson
    Duration: 44:08:00

    In Darujhistan, the city of blue fire, it is said that Love and Death shall arrive dancing. It is summer and the heat is oppressive, but for the small, rotund man in the faded red waistcoat, discomfiture is not just because of the sun. All is not well. Dire portents plague his nights and haunt the ci ... [ more ]

  • A Canticle for Leibowitz

    A Canticle for Leibowitz

    Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy,Fiction,Classics
    Author: Walter M. Miller, Jr.
    Duration: 10:58:00

    Winner of the 1961 Hugo Award for Best Novel and widely considered one of the most accomplished, powerful, and enduring classics of modern speculative fiction, Walter M. Miller's A Canticle for Leibowitz is a true landmark of twentieth-century literature'a chilling and still-provocative lo ... [ more ]

  • Star Wars: Darth Plagueis

    Star Wars: Darth Plagueis

    Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy,Science Fiction
    Author: James Luceno
    Duration: 14:48:00

    He was the most powerful Sith lord who ever lived.But could he be the only one who never died? Did you ever hear the Tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise? It's a Sith legend. Darth Plagueis was a Dark Lord of the Sith, so powerful and so wise that he could use the Force to influence the midi-chlorian ... [ more ]

  • Ghost Country

    Ghost Country

    Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy,Fantasy,Science Fiction,Fiction,Mystery & Thriller,Literature,Novels
    Author: Patrick Lee
    Duration: 08:31:43

    For decades, inexplicable technology has passed into our world through the top secret anomaly called the Breach. The latest device can punch a hole into the future . . . What Paige Campbell saw when she opened a door into seventy years from now scared the hell out of her. She and her T ... [ more ]

  • Shiver of Light

    Shiver of Light

    Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy,Fantasy
    Author: Laurell K. Hamilton
    Duration: 12:44:00

    Merry Gentry pretends to be human. She moved to Los Angeles and began working as a private investigator at Grey's Detective Agency. But all of this is just a disguise; in fact she is a princess of faerie, her real name is Meredith Nic Essus, and she had to flee the Dark Court of Faerie because of at ... [ more ]

  • Neverending Story

    Neverending Story

    Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy,Fantasy,Classics
    Author: Michael Ende
    Duration: 13:37:00

    In this classic fantasy novel, Bastian Balthazar Bux embarks on a wild adventure when he enters the magical world of Fantastica, a doomed land filled with dragons, giants, and monsters, and risks his life to save Fantastica by going on a very dangerous quest. ... [ more ]

  • Midnight Crossroad

    Midnight Crossroad

    Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy,Fantasy
    Author: Charlaine Harris
    Duration: 09:31:00

    FIRST IN A NEW TRILOGY - From Charlaine Harris, the bestselling author who created Sookie Stackhouse and her world of Bon Temps, Louisiana, comes a darker locale-- populated by more strangers than friends. But then, that' s how the locals prefer it. Welcome to Midnight, Texas, a town with many boar ... [ more ]

  • Hot Zone

    Hot Zone

    Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy,Science Fiction,Fiction,Mystery & Thriller,Suspense,Modern Fiction
    Author: Richard Preston
    Duration: 03:07:00

    The virus kills nine out of ten of its victims. Its effects are so quick and so gruesome that even biohazard experts are terrified. It is airborne, it is extremely contagious, and it is about to burn through the suburbs of Washington, D.C. Is there any way to stop it? This doomsday scenario ... [ more ]

  • Swarm


    Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy,Science Fiction,Science Fiction & Fantasy,Science Fiction
    Author: Orson Scott Card, Aaron Johnston
    Duration: 18:00:00

    Orson Scott Card and Aaron Johnston return to their Ender's Game prequel series with this first volume of an all-new trilogy about the Second Formic War in The Swarm. The first invasion of Earth was beaten back by a coalition of corporate and international military forces, and the Chinese army ... [ more ]

  • Death by Black Hole: And Other Cosmic Quandaries

    Death by Black Hole: And Other Cosmic Quandaries

    Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy,Fantasy,Science Fiction
    Author: Neil DeGrasse Tyson
    Duration: 12:07:00

    This is a vibrant collection of essays on the cosmos from the nation's best-known astrophysicist, Neil deGrasse Tyson, renowned for his ability to blend content, accessibility, and humor. Here he covers astral life at the frontiers of astrobiology to the movie industry's feeble efforts to get its ni ... [ more ]

  • Ancillary Justice

    Ancillary Justice

    Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy,Science Fiction
    Author: Ann Leckie
    Duration: 13:50:00

    On a remote, icy planet, the soldier known as Breq is drawing closer to completing her quest. Breq is both more than she seems and less than she was. Years ago, she was the Justice of Toren-- a colossal starship with an artificial intelligence linking thousands of corpse soldiers in the service of ... [ more ]