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  • Hockey Card Stories

    Hockey Card Stories

    Genre: Biographies,Sports & Recreation
    Author: Ken Reid
    Duration: 05:54:36

    Hockey Card Stories reveals what was really going on in your favourite old hockey cards through the eyes of the players depicted on them. Some of the cards are definitely worth a few bucks, some a few cents - but every story told here is priceless. Sportsnet's Ken Reid presents the cards you l ... [ more ]

  • Babe Ruth Baseball Legend

    Babe Ruth Baseball Legend

    Genre: Biographies,Sports & Recreation
    Author: Geoffrey Giuliano
    Duration: 00:46:00

    Here for the first time is a delightful audio documentary of this hard living, hard drinking, Yankee icon, featuring never before heard interviews and lively narration of his heady days as the Yankee's greatest treasure. In this exciting new audio biography of baseball's greatest gift to the world, ... [ more ]

  • Baseball Legend Joe DiMaggio

    Baseball Legend Joe DiMaggio

    Genre: Biographies,Sports & Recreation
    Author: Geoffrey Giuliano
    Duration: 01:02:00

    Here is Joe DiMaggio, baseball's man for all seasons in a stunning new audio documentary. DiMaggio's life and times are chronicled here from the rough and ready streets of San Francisco to the shady winding lanes of Beverly Hills and, most importantly, the Yankee's gritty sawdust dugout. This stunni ... [ more ]

  • Wit of Golf

    Wit of Golf

    Genre: Biographies,Sports & Recreation,Biographies,Sports & Recreation
    Author: Barry Johnston
    Duration: 01:12:03

    Building on the huge success of THE WIT OF CRICKET, this is a collection of the funniest golf anecdotes, jokes and stories. A bumper bag of humorous anecdotes and amusing tales from golf's best-loved personalities that proves golf is a funny old game - birdies, bunkers and all! Read hilarious stor ... [ more ]

  • Last Over

    Last Over

    Genre: Sports,Other Sports & Recreation
    Author: E.W. Swanton
    Duration: 03:11:00

    Listen to a cricket pundit's memoirs, featuring articles from his time as the Daily Telegraph cricket correspondent. But this audiobook also includes some surprisingly vivid and poignant accounts of his life as a Japanese prisoner of war - all read in his brown, treacly voice. ... [ more ]

  • Hanging in There

    Hanging in There

    Genre: Biographies,Sports & Recreation
    Author: Jon R. Chambers
    Duration: 07:43:00

    The Red Bull X-Alps is the world's most extreme race. With only a paraglider and a pair of hiking boots athletes attempt to cross the Alps from Salzburg in Austria to Monaco. In this book, British athlete Jon Chambers brings you even closer to the action and reveals his personal story of his 2011 ra ... [ more ]

  • Disappearing Quarterback

    Disappearing Quarterback

    Genre: Biographies,Sports & Recreation
    Author: Mike Boryla
    Duration: 00:58:33

    He had everything he wanted, but didn't want what he had sums up the theme of The Disappearing Quarterback by Mike Boryla, former NFL Quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles. Boryla relates in a humorous, yet heart wrenching way, his days as a football player on the field of Regis High School in D ... [ more ]

  • The Young Flying Fox

    The Young Flying Fox

    Genre: Sports,Other Sports & Recreation,Young Adult,Contemporary,Sports,Other Sports & Recreation,Young Adult,Contemporary
    Author: Yong Jin
    Duration: 33:20:57

    In the Qing dynasty during the reign of the Qianlong Emperor, the flying fox, Hu Fei, is a young martial artist who inherits his father Hu Yidao’s forthrightness. With excellent martial arts, he eliminates the evil and protects good people. To deliver justice for the poor man Zhong A’si who died unf ... [ more ]

  • How to meditate

    How to meditate

    Genre: Sports,Religion & Spirituality,Prayer & Meditation,Other Sports & Recreation
    Author: John Mac
    Duration: 01:29:00

    How to meditate for beginners contains some practical exercises to achieve perfects moments of meditation : 20 practical tips for quieting the mind, meditation practices with walking meditation, chakra meditation, preparation for great guided meditation, mantra meditation, an exercise to concentrate ... [ more ]

  • Bert's Treatise of Hawkes and Hawking

    Bert's Treatise of Hawkes and Hawking

    Genre: Sports,Other Sports & Recreation
    Author: Edmund Bert
    Duration: 03:02:13

    An approved Treatise of Hawkes and Hawking. Divided into three Bookes. The first teacheth, How to make a short-winged Hawke good, with good conditions. The second, How to reclaime a Hawke from any ill condition. The third teacheth. Cures for all knowne griefes and diseases. By Edmund Bert, Gentleman ... [ more ]

  • Association Football and How to Play It

    Association Football and How to Play It

    Genre: Sports,Other Sports & Recreation
    Author: John Cameron
    Duration: 01:58:52

    An overview of the positions, tactics, and history of association football written by one of the game's early stars. John Cameron was a most interesting figure who played for both Everton and Tottenham, was a P.O.W. during the First World War and a mighty contributor to the organization of football ... [ more ]