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  • Motion to Suppress

    Motion to Suppress

    Genre: Mystery & Thriller,Suspense,Legal Thriller
    Author: Perri O'Shaughnessy
    Duration: 13:56:00

    Leaving her ex-husband and old job in San Francisco, attorney Nina Reilly opens a practice in Lake Tahoe hoping to start life over. As she waits for a big case, Nina decides to help Misty Patterson divorce her abusive husband. When said husband is found murdered, Nina agrees to defend Misty against ... [ more ]

  • Fast Track

    Fast Track

    Genre: Romance,Suspense,Contemporary
    Author: Fern Michaels
    Duration: 06:57:00

    It's been years since the members of the Sisterhood first banded together, with the help of their mentor Charles Martin, to exact their own form of justice on those whose crimes had gone unpunished by the legal system. Now, back in the United States after an enforced exile, and ensconced in a new ho ... [ more ]

  • Bloodline


    Genre: Mystery & Thriller,Suspense
    Author: F. Paul Wilson
    Duration: 14:33:00

    It starts off simply enough. (Doesn't it always?) Jack has been on hiatus since the tragic events in Harbingers. With his beloved Gia's encouragement he dips his toe back into the fix-it pool. Christy Pickering's eighteen-year-old daughter is dating Jerry Bethlehem, a man twice her age. Christy sens ... [ more ]

  • Wicked City

    Wicked City

    Genre: Fiction,Suspense,General
    Author: Ace Atkins
    Duration: 11:02:00

    In 1955, Look magazine called Phenix City, Alabama, The Wickedest City in America, but even that may have been an understatement. It was a stew of organized crime and corruption, run by a machine that dealt with complaints forcefully and with dispatch. No one dared cross them - no one even tried. An ... [ more ]

  • Murder Inside the Beltway

    Murder Inside the Beltway

    Genre: Mystery & Thriller,Suspense,Suspense,Classic Detectives
    Author: Margaret Truman
    Duration: 10:11:00

    Rosalie Curzon, a Washington, D.C., call girl, is found bludgeoned to death in her Adams-Morgan apartment. The murder scene is in a disturbing state of disarray, suggesting that Rosalie had fought to the bitter end. The cops discover a video camera nestled high on a bookshelf. Had the victim taped s ... [ more ]

  • Angel for Christmas

    Angel for Christmas

    Genre: Romance,Suspense,Contemporary
    Author: Heather Graham
    Duration: 05:48:00

    Christmas has never brought out the best in the MacDougal family. Still, year after year, they gather together in the Blue Ridge Mountains to try to make the season merry and bright. But this year is an especially strained one, with Shayne's impending divorce, Morwenna's slavish devotion to work and ... [ more ]

  • Salvation of a Saint

    Salvation of a Saint

    Genre: Mystery & Thriller,Suspense
    Author: Keigo Higashino
    Duration: 09:12:00

    From the author of the internationally bestselling, award-winning The Devotion of Suspect X comes the latest novel featuring Detective Galileo In 2011, The Devotion of Suspect X was a hit with critics and readers alike. The first major English language publication from the most popular bestselli ... [ more ]

  • Massacre Pond: A Novel

    Massacre Pond: A Novel

    Genre: Mystery & Thriller,Suspense
    Author: Paul Doiron
    Duration: 09:41:00

    Edgar finalist Paul Doiron's superb new novel featuring Game Warden Mike Bowditch and a beautiful, enigmatic woman whose mission to save the Maine wilderness may have incited a murder On an unseasonably hot October morning, Bowditch is called to the scene of a bizarre crime: the corpses of seve ... [ more ]

  • Colder War

    Colder War

    Genre: Mystery & Thriller,Suspense,Espionage
    Author: Charles Cumming
    Duration: 12:05:00

    Internationally acclaimed as a premier writer of espionage thrillers (USA Today), Charles Cumming is among the most skillful spy novelists (Washington Post) and a worthy successor to the John le Carre and Len Deighton (Chicago Sun-Times). Now, with A COLDER WAR, Cumming returns with M ... [ more ]

  • Precipice: A Novel

    Precipice: A Novel

    Genre: Mystery & Thriller,Suspense
    Author: Paul Doiron
    Duration: 09:25:00

    When two young female hikers disappear in the Hundred Mile Wildernessthe most remote stretch along the entire two-thousand mile Appalachian TrailMaine game warden Mike Bowditch joins the search to find them. The police interview everyone they can find who came in contact with the college students an ... [ more ]

  • Outfoxed


    Genre: Mystery & Thriller,Suspense
    Author: David Rosenfelt
    Duration: 07:19:00

    Defense lawyer Andy Carpenter spends as much time as he can working on his true passion, the Tara Foundation, the dog rescue organization he runs. Lately, Andy has been especially involved in a county prison program where inmates help train dogs the Tara Foundation has rescued to make them more adop ... [ more ]

  • Under Orders

    Under Orders

    Genre: Mystery & Thriller,Suspense
    Author: Dick Francis
    Duration: 09:55:00

    Sadly, death at the races is not uncommon. However, three in a single afternoon was sufficiently unusual to raise more than one eyebrow. It's the third death on Cheltenham Gold Cup Day that really troubles super-sleuth Sid Halley. Last seen in 1995's Come to Grief, former champion jockey Halley know ... [ more ]

  • Black Monday

    Black Monday

    Genre: Mystery & Thriller,Suspense
    Author: R. Scott Reiss
    Duration: 12:07:00

    A Muslim cleric predicts planes will fall from the sky, and America braces for a terrorist attack. But when the prediction proves true, the real cause is far more terrifying: a microbe that eats oil, effectively destroying all gas-operated mechanisms and bringing the world's economy to a crashing ha ... [ more ]

  • Thunderland


    Genre: Fiction,Mystery & Thriller,Suspense,Thriller,Literature,Suspense,Novels,General
    Author: Brandon Massey
    Duration: 10:04:00

    This riveting novel won the 2000 Gold Pen Award for Best Thriller from the Black Writers alliance. Jason Brooks thinks his worst problem is his parents'until some unexplainable things begin to happen. After a nightmare that he can't seem to recall, Jason finds a sign on the bathroom mirror ... [ more ]

  • Killer Pancake

    Killer Pancake

    Genre: Fiction,Mystery & Thriller,Suspense,General
    Author: Diane Mott Davidson
    Duration: 11:15:36

    Diane Mott Davidson, author of the best-selling culinary mystery series, once again successfully melds a robust murder mystery with a collection of fine gourmet recipes. In Killer Pancake, amateur sleuth Goldy faces her toughest challenge yet. While catering a cosmetics company luncheon, Goldy witne ... [ more ]

  • Bangkok Haunts

    Bangkok Haunts

    Genre: Suspense
    Author: John Burdett
    Duration: 12:47:00

    Critically acclaimed, nationally best-selling author John Burdett has earned starred reviews for the fast-paced action, snappy dialogue, and gritty realism of his thrilling tales starring Royal Thai police detective Sonchai Jitpleecheep. In this vibrant and witty novel, devout Buddhist Sonchai relie ... [ more ]

  • Egyptologist


    Genre: Fiction,Mystery & Thriller,Suspense,Historical Fiction,Classic Detectives
    Author: Arthur Phillips
    Duration: 16:19:00

    New York Times best-selling author Arthur Phillips displays his gift for brilliantly constructed and imaginative tales. King Tut's tomb has been discovered, but Egyptologist Ralph Trilipush finds himself in a far less spectacular position when he stakes everything on a scrap of hieroglyphic por ... [ more ]

  • Winter in Madrid

    Winter in Madrid

    Genre: Mystery & Thriller,Suspense,Literature,Novels
    Author: C.J. Sansom
    Duration: 22:03:00

    Best-selling British author C.J. Sansom has been awarded the Ellis Peters Historical Dagger Award. Winter in Madrid is set just after the bloody Spanish Civil War, with World War II looming over Europe. Reluctantly, Harry Brett looks for an old schoolmate who's become a person of interest for Britis ... [ more ]

  • Drink With the Devil

    Drink With the Devil

    Genre: Fiction,Suspense,Thriller,Action & Adventure
    Author: Jack Higgins
    Duration: 07:21:00

    A fortune in stolen British gold lies shipwrecked at the bottom of the Irish Sea. And history's deadliest treasure hunt is on. Irish militant Michael Ryan wants to finance war in his homeland--and a sinister pact with the New York Mafia will make his dreams a savage reality. Former IRA enforcer Sean ... [ more ]

  • Murder at the Foul Line

    Murder at the Foul Line

    Genre: Mystery & Thriller,Suspense,Suspense,Classic Detectives,Series,Mystery & Thriller,Suspense,Suspense,Classic Detectives,Series
    Author: Otto Penzler
    Duration: 11:00:00

    When murder, mystery and suspense are thrown onto the court, basketball can become a deadly game. Amazing athletic displays, astronomical salaries, outrageous bets, rich and famous owners, coaches, managers and groupies...all are part of the game of hoops and appear in this collection, the fifth in ... [ more ]