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  • Dust Angel

    Dust Angel

    Genre: Mystery & Thriller,Suspense
    Author: Jutta Profijt
    Duration: 08:03:00

    Losing her posh advertising job, boyfriend, and apartment all in the same morning has left Corinna with a mess where her life should be. She tries to get things back on track, but with a mountain of red tape between her and unemployment assistance, and a string of disastrous job interviews under her ... [ more ]

  • Paying the Piper

    Paying the Piper

    Genre: Fiction,Suspense,Thriller,Action & Adventure
    Author: Simon Wood
    Duration: 11:07:00

    For years, the serial kidnapper known as the Piper got rich by abducting children from San Francisco's wealthiest families. When crime reporter Scott Fleetwood gets a call from a man identifying himself as the Piper and offers an exclusive interview, Fleetwood jumps at the chance. But the caller tur ... [ more ]

  • Russian Donation

    Russian Donation

    Genre: Mystery & Thriller,Suspense,Suspense,Classic Detectives
    Author: Christoph Spielberg
    Duration: 09:27:00

    Doctor Felix Hoffmann is a seasoned physician at a Berlin hospital, respected by colleagues and devoted to his intelligent girlfriend, Celine. It's a life filled with medical work, televised soccer games, and the chill of German beer. And when a former patient shows up dead by causes unknown, curios ... [ more ]

  • Countdown City

    Countdown City

    Genre: Mystery & Thriller,Suspense
    Author: Ben H. Winters
    Duration: 08:20:00

    There are just 77 days to go before a deadly asteroid collides with Earth, and Detective Hank Palace is out of a job. With the Concord police force operating under the auspices of the U.S. Justice Department, Hank’s days of solving crimes are over — until a woman from his past begs for help finding ... [ more ]

  • Devil's Waters

    Devil's Waters

    Genre: Fiction,Suspense,Thriller,Action & Adventure
    Author: David L. Robbins
    Duration: 12:33:00

    A giant freighter in the Gulf of Aden holds secret cargo that could bring down the governments of four nations. When Somali pirates grab the ship, the order comes down: get the freighter back, at all costs. Only one combat group is close enough to respond before the hijacked freighter reaches Somali ... [ more ]

  • Dummy Line

    Dummy Line

    Genre: Fiction,Suspense,Thriller,Action & Adventure
    Author: Bobby Cole
    Duration: 08:04:00

    Jake Crosby's nine-year-old daughter Katy is pure tomboy, and her dad couldn't be happier. Since she was old enough to walk, Katy has shared Jake's love of the outdoors, taking to hunting and fishing as quickly as other kids take to baseball or bike-riding. As he packs the truck for a spring turkey ... [ more ]

  • Ground Zero

    Ground Zero

    Genre: Mystery & Thriller,Suspense
    Author: F. Paul Wilson
    Duration: 12:15:00

    On September 11, 2001, a man drifts in a boat off lower Manhattan as the twin towers burn. He removes a small box from his pocket and presses a button. As he waits for the south tower to collapse, he thinks: The vast majority will blame the collapse on the crazy Arabs who hijacked the planes and the ... [ more ]

  • Fear City

    Fear City

    Genre: Mystery & Thriller,Suspense
    Author: F. Paul Wilson
    Duration: 11:00:00

    Rage, terror, and redemption: these are the stones upon which F. Paul Wilson builds the concluding chapter of Repairman Jack: The Early Years, the prequel trilogy focusing on the formative years of Wilson’s globally popular supernatural troubleshooter. The strands of Jack’s life—established in the f ... [ more ]

  • Perfect Ghost

    Perfect Ghost

    Genre: Mystery & Thriller,Suspense,Suspense
    Author: Linda Barnes
    Duration: 09:35:00

    Mousy, timid, and shy to the point of agoraphobic, Em Moore is the writing half of a celebrity biography team. Her charismatic partner, Teddy, does the interviewing, the negotiating, the public schmoozing. But Em's dependence on Teddy runs deeper than just the job - Teddy is her bridge to the world ... [ more ]

  • Cut and Run

    Cut and Run

    Genre: Mystery & Thriller,Suspense,Suspense
    Author: Traci Hohenstein
    Duration: 05:32:00

    When Matt O'Malley turns up at a truck stop with a nasty concussion and no recollection of what happened to him or his family, investigator Rachel Scott knows she and the Florida Omni Search team have to act fast. Whoever attacked him still has his wife and children, and a gruesome piece of evidence ... [ more ]

  • Sneaky Pie for President

    Sneaky Pie for President

    Genre: Mystery & Thriller,Suspense
    Author: Rita Mae Brown
    Duration: 05:53:00

    With help from her friends-the irascible gray cat Pewter, the wise Corgi Tee Tucker, and Tally, the exuberant Jack Russell-Sneaky crisscrosses her home state of Virginia hoping to go where no cat since Socks Clinton has gone: 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. In the tradition of her heroine, Sojourner Truth ... [ more ]

  • Bonefire of the Vanities

    Bonefire of the Vanities

    Genre: Mystery & Thriller,Suspense
    Author: Carolyn Haines
    Duration: 11:25:00

    In this 12th entry in the award-winning series, Carolyn Haines' intrepid PI Sarah Booth comes up against porn-star-turned-psychic Sherry Cameron, who runs a medium business from a haunted estate on the edge of town. After growing suspicious that Sherry might be exploiting her emotionally vulnerable ... [ more ]

  • Rosewood Casket

    Rosewood Casket

    Genre: Mystery & Thriller,Suspense,Series
    Author: Sharyn McCrumb
    Duration: 11:56:00

    This tantalizing addition to the award-winning Ballad series is a story that could be told only by Sharyn McCrumb, author of She Walks These Hills. A New York Times best-selling writer, McCrumb is noted for her lyrical tales that combine Appalachian lore with contemporary mysteries. Randall Stargill ... [ more ]

  • Hit Me

    Hit Me

    Genre: Fiction,Suspense,Thriller,Action & Adventure
    Author: Lawrence Block
    Duration: 08:31:00

    The conclusion of Hit and Run found Keller living in a big old house in post-Katrina New Orleans' Lower Garden District, with a new name (Nicholas Edwards), a new wife (Julia), a new career (rehabbing houses), and a baby on the way. It certainly looked as though he was done killing people for money. ... [ more ]

  • Widow's Tears

    Widow's Tears

    Genre: Mystery & Thriller,Suspense
    Author: Susan Wittig Albert
    Duration: 10:11:00

    Best-selling author Susan Wittig Albert is especially beloved for creating herbalist and ex-lawyer China Bayles, hailed by Publishers Weekly as in a class with lady sleuths V.I. Warshawski and Stephanie Plum. In Widow's Tears, China has urgent business to discuss with Ruby, a friend gifted with extr ... [ more ]

  • Bones of Paris

    Bones of Paris

    Genre: Mystery & Thriller,Suspense
    Author: Laurie R. King
    Duration: 13:14:00

    New York Times bestselling author Laurie R. King garners widespread acclaim for her suspenseful novels rich with historical detail. Set in the vibrant Paris Jazz Age, The Bones of Paris introduces private investigator Harris Stuyvesant, an American agent who’s been given the plum assignment of locat ... [ more ]

  • King


    Genre: Mystery & Thriller,Suspense
    Author: Steven James
    Duration: 12:52:00

    Patrick Bowers has pursued the nation’s fiercest serial killers—and now one elusive foe is back for revenge. Settling into a new post at the FBI academy, Patrick and his fiancée, Lien-hua Jiang, are planning their future together with his stepdaughter, Tessa. But just when his life seems normal, a d ... [ more ]

  • Remote Control

    Remote Control

    Genre: Mystery & Thriller,Suspense
    Author: Andy McNab
    Duration: 13:55:00

    Tough, resourceful, ruthless - as an SAS trooper, Nick Stone was one of the best. Now he's back on the streets. After a botched mission, the Regiment no longer want his services. But British Intelligence does - as a deniable operator. It's the dirtiest job in a very, very dirty world.In Washington D ... [ more ]

  • Dark Winter: (Nick Stone Thriller 6)

    Dark Winter: (Nick Stone Thriller 6)

    Genre: Mystery & Thriller,Suspense
    Author: Andy McNab
    Duration: 12:00:00

    Outside of Pakistan, the world's highest concentration of al-Qaeda lurks in South-East Asia and there, Nick Stone¹s bosses get wind of an act of terror that will dwarf even the nightmare of 9/11. When Stone is despatched to Malaysia by the CIA to assassinate a biochemist, he expects his mission ... [ more ]

  • Cross Justice: (Alex Cross 23)

    Cross Justice: (Alex Cross 23)

    Genre: Mystery & Thriller,Suspense,Mystery & Thriller,Suspense
    Author: James Patterson
    Duration: 09:35:00

    ALEX CROSS IS GOING HOME. BUT WHAT WILL HE FIND WHEN HE GETS THERE? When his cousin is accused of an unthinkable crime, Alex Cross returns to his North Carolina hometown for the first time in over three decades. As he tries to prove his cousin's innocence in a town where justice is hard to find, C ... [ more ]