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in Young Adult

  • Scorched


    Genre: Young Adult,SciFi & Fantasy
    Author: Mari Mancusi
    Duration: 09:50:00

    Trinity Don’t leave me here…. When Trintity first hears the voice, she thinks she’s going crazy. It wouldn’t be a big surprise—her grandfather firmly believes he just brought a genuine dragon egg to their dusty little West Texas town. Connor He’s come from a future scorched by dragonfire. His missio ... [ more ]

  • Summers


    Genre: Young Adult,Romance
    Author: Iva-Marie Palmer
    Duration: 07:18:00

    For Kate Sommers, there’s nothing that compares to summer at her family’s beach house on Cape Cod: the ocean breezes, the clam bakes, the boys. She and her three sisters seemed to have all their “firsts” over those long months—first job, first party, first crush. Kate’s first crush is her only crush ... [ more ]

  • Consequence of Loving Colton

    Consequence of Loving Colton

    Genre: Young Adult,Contemporary,Young Adult,Contemporary
    Author: Rachel Van Dyken
    Duration: 08:10:00

    It’s all fun and games…until someone’s heart is broken. They’re not kids anymore, but Milo Caro is certain that Colton Mathews will only see her as his best friend’s little sister for the rest of their lives. After all, he made that clear the night before she left for college. But four years later, ... [ more ]

  • Dust: Before and After

    Dust: Before and After

    Genre: Young Adult,SciFi & Fantasy
    Author: S. E. Smith
    Duration: 06:45:24

    New York Times and USA Today bestselling author returns with an emotionally charged fantasy adventure story filled with heart-pounding action and suspense for readers of all ages. After fragments of a comet hit Earth, Dust wakes to discover the world as he knew it is gone. It isn't the only thi ... [ more ]

  • Diabolic


    Genre: Fiction,Juvenile Fiction,Young Adult,Contemporary
    Author: S. J. Kincaid
    Duration: 12:31:00

    Red Queen meets The Hunger Games in this epic novel about what happens when the galaxy’s most deadly weapon masquerades as a senator’s daughter and a hostage of the galactic court. A Diabolic is ruthless. A Diabolic is powerful. A Diabolic has a single task: Kill in order to protect the person ... [ more ]

  • Sword and the Flame

    Sword and the Flame

    Genre: Juvenile & Children's,Fantasy,Young Adult,SciFi & Fantasy
    Author: Stephen R. Lawhead
    Duration: 13:03:00

    Sometimes the greatest evil lies within. The Dragon King who rules the land of Mensandor is none other than Quentin, whose courage and heroism have transformed him from an orphaned servant into a war hero, respected leader, and fierce man of faith. But even the powerful can fall prey to evil. The wo ... [ more ]

  • Cascade


    Genre: Religion & Spirituality,Juvenile & Children's,Christianity,Fiction,Young Adult
    Author: Lisa T. Bergren
    Duration: 10:47:00

    What if you not only fell back through time... but fell in love, too? Gabi knows she’s left her heart in the fourteenth century, and she persuades Lia to help her to return, even though they know doing so will risk their very lives. When they arrive, months have passed, and all of Siena longs t ... [ more ]

  • Kissed by an Angel

    Kissed by an Angel

    Genre: Juvenile & Children's,Fiction,Fiction,Juvenile Fiction,Young Adult,Romance
    Author: Elizabeth Chandler
    Duration: 05:22:00

    In a romantic and suspenseful collection of the New York Times bestselling trilogy, love's unbreakable bonds are put to the test. When her boyfriend, Tristan, died, Ivy thought she'd lost everything, even her faith in angels. But now she's discovered that he's her gaurdian angel - his presence is so ... [ more ]

  • Snowbound Mystery

    Snowbound Mystery

    Genre: Juvenile & Children's,Juvenile Mystery,Young Adult,Mystery
    Author: Gertrude Warner
    Duration: 02:10:00

    It’s an unusual winter vacation for the Alden family when a huge snowstorm traps them in the woods! Luckily, the log cabin where they’re staying is cozy — only there are strange noises in the night and a mysterious code carved into the closet door. The rescue is a long wait for the Boxcar Children, ... [ more ]

  • If We Survive

    If We Survive

    Genre: Juvenile & Children's,Fiction,Young Adult,Contemporary
    Author: Andrew Klavan
    Duration: 07:51:00

    They came on a mission of mercy, but now they're in a fight for their lives. High schooler Will Peterson and three friends journeyed to Central America to help rebuild a school. In a poor, secluded mountain village, they won the hearts of the local people with their energy and kindness. Bu ... [ more ]

  • Escape from the Island of Aquarius

    Escape from the Island of Aquarius

    Genre: Young Adult,Contemporary
    Author: Frank Peretti
    Duration: 04:22:00

    A cry for help from a sinking island... A rescue mission leads Jay and Lila Cooper to a doomed South Sea island where nothing is as they expected. Instead of a primitive civilization, the Coopers encounter a busy colony with a mysterious leader claiming to be Adam MacKenzie, a missionary once p ... [ more ]

  • Reign


    Genre: Young Adult,SciFi & Fantasy
    Author: Chanda Hahn
    Duration: 08:49:00

    From the New York Times bestselling author, going to the Fae plane against Jared's orders has cost Mina dearly. Her decision continues to haunt her as a new danger surfaces. The Grimms are fading. To save her family's future, Mina Grime will have to travel to the past with the help of her Fae Godmot ... [ more ]

  • Absolutely Truly

    Absolutely Truly

    Genre: Young Adult,Mystery
    Author: Heather Vogel Frederick
    Duration: 08:03:00

    An unsent letter in a first edition copy of Charlotte’s Web leads to a hunt for treasure in this heartwarming middle grade mystery from the author of The Mother-Daughter Book Club. Now that Truly Lovejoy’s father has been injured by an IED in Afghanistan and is having trouble finding work back ... [ more ]

  • Vampire Diaries: The Return: Midnight

    Vampire Diaries: The Return: Midnight

    Genre: Juvenile & Children's,Fiction,Literature,Fantasy,Juvenile Fiction,Young Adult,SciFi & Fantasy,Romance
    Author: L. J. Smith
    Duration: 15:52:00

    The devil you know . . . With the help of charming and devious Damon, Elena rescued her vampire love, Stefan, from the depths of the Dark Dimension. But neither brother returned unscathed. Stefan is weak from his long imprisonment and needs more blood than Elena alone can give him, while a ... [ more ]

  • Carrie Diaries

    Carrie Diaries

    Genre: Juvenile,Fiction,Young Adult,Contemporary,Romance
    Author: Candace Bushnell
    Duration: 09:51:00

    The Carrie Diaries is the coming-of-age story of one of the most iconic characters of our generation. Before Sex and the City, Carrie Bradshaw was a small-town girl who knew she wanted more. She's ready for real life to start, but first she must navigate her senior year of high school. Up until ... [ more ]

  • I Shall Wear Midnight

    I Shall Wear Midnight

    Genre: Young Adult,SciFi & Fantasy
    Author: Terence David John Pratchett
    Duration: 09:49:00

    It starts with whispers. Then someone picks up a stone. Finally, the fires begin. When people turn on witches, the innocents suffer. . . . Tiffany Aching has spent years studying with senior witches, and now she is on her own. As the witch of the Chalk, she performs the bits of w ... [ more ]

  • Scorpio Races

    Scorpio Races

    Genre: Young Adult,Contemporary,Young Adult,Contemporary
    Author: Maggie Stiefvater
    Duration: 12:09:00

    With her trademark lyricism, Maggie Stiefvater turns to a new world, where a pair are swept up in a daring, dangerous race across a cliff-with more than just their lives at stake should they lose. ... [ more ]

  • Girl in Pieces: A Novel

    Girl in Pieces: A Novel

    Genre: Young Adult,Contemporary
    Author: Kathleen Glasgow
    Duration: 10:43:33

    For fans of Girl, Interrupted, Thirteen Reasons Why, and All the Bright Places comes a novel Nicola Yoon, author of Everything, Everything, calls a haunting, beautiful, and necessary book that will stay with you long after you've read the last page. Charlotte Davis is in pieces. At seventee ... [ more ]

  • Altered


    Genre: Juvenile & Children's,Juvenile,Fiction,Young Adult,SciFi & Fantasy,Paranormal
    Author: Jennifer Rush
    Duration: 08:00:00

    When you can't trust yourself, who can you believe? Everything about Anna's life is a secret. Her father works for the Branch at the helm of its latest project: monitoring and administering treatments to the four genetically altered boys in the lab below their farmhouse. There's Nick, solemn and br ... [ more ]

  • Pretty Little Liars #8: Wanted

    Pretty Little Liars #8: Wanted

    Genre: Juvenile,Young Adult,Contemporary
    Author: Sara Shepard
    Duration: 06:50:00

    Logo © ABC Family. All rights reserved. In Rosewood, majestic estates sprawl for acres, and Tiffany toggle bracelets dangle from every girl's wrist. But not all that glitters is gold, and the town harbors secrets darker than anyone could imagine—like the truth about what really happened t ... [ more ]